DIY Faux Wall

Jackson has officially been evicted from his crib in my bedroom. On account of him being one and a half years old, that is. He still resides in his four wall fortress AKA his crib, but he has been moved upstairs! For whatever reason (the biggest of which being laziness), I stuck him in the loft. It’s a really large room and its very underutilized. That is until now, my friends!

I decided I wanted to create some sort of partition, or wall to keep his crib out of site, and to give him a space more truly his. I researched all kinds of methods to hang curtains from a ceiling and letsbehonesthere, they all seemed WAY to complicated for a novice like me. So, much like his half assed move upstairs, I took as many shortcuts as possible, because lazy. I only did one wall, but you could easily double the supplies and create two, to create a “room”. All you need is a power drill, 3 eye hooks, galvanized steel wire, and drapery clips!(they have a little claw clip, suspended on a half loop thing). I drilled 3 holes in the ceiling and installed the eye hooks, in a straight line. I tied the wire securely through one of the end eye hooks, then pulled it as taut as humanly possible to the middle eye hook and tied it there. Oh, you’ll need wire cutters too. Then I tied another piece of wire to that middle eye hook and then brought it through the eye hook on the other end, repeating the previous process. Then I attached the clips to the curtains, and hung them on the wire! Voila!! I also attached a curtain thingy(can’t remember the name) to the wall so I could pull aside one of the panels when I choose.


So there you have it! Jackie’s Corner!


A Post Without Pictures {You’re Welcome}

Have you ever had a moment with your child, when they do something that inflicts SO MUCH FUCKING PAIN to you that you your vision goes white and have to grasp a wad of whatever is closest to you in order to prevent your hands from flailing involuntarily in their direction?

…yeah, that happened.

I mean sure, with an{almost} four year old, and a one year old, it has definitely happened more than once. When my oldest was about 2, she was sitting in my lap and moved her head backwards into my nose at such a high level of velocity that I was sure It’d been flattened. All I remember is hearing a loud CRACK, then seeing white. No blood that time though. Since she never inflicted an injury that required a tourniquet, her little brother must have been plotting his “one-up” on her.

The three of us, sitting on my bed as we often do when Jackson wakes up from his nap. Laughing and cuddling and talking about dreams. An empty cup on my nightstand. A baby brother just itching to one-up his sister. He grabbed it. He chucked it. It bounced off Lilly’s head. Then straight into my mouth. A fat. Bloody. Lip.

Touche, little dude. Touche.


I would end somebody if they dared post a picture of me from this angle, but look at those teeth! He is 14 months and finally got a top tooth. Now he can eat good food, all day err day.

Seattle Sunnies

My mom is currently on her first vacation in like, the past 25 years. I wish I were exaggerating because that is AGES! She’s in Seattle with one of her BFF’s, but in typical mom fashion, she had me on her mind. She sent me a picture message of these super cute sunnies that she’s bringing back for me, let’s all oooooh and ahhhhh over them. Glad you’re having fun in Seattle mom! See you soon for some PIE! (Pie is a whole nother post…)


Current Loves.

From Bahama taking sleepy summer naps, to Mocha Chip Gelato, to Tropi-KALE smoothies, to Lilly cooking for Bahama, to baby laughs, and baby snuggles. To chevron living room walls, to how I feel about myself, and to swimming. These are things I’m loving at the moment. Just me, soakin’ up summertime.

Click on a photo above to enlarge, and scroll through the gallery.


It’s Thursday, but it’s also my Friday, and I’m dressed in my Sunday’s best.

I am wearing high heels today(which literally NEVER happens). I think I might start walking on the treadmill in these babies. My calves are burning.

I know you guys are probably wondering what the hell this post is even about, so I guess I better get to the point before you go reading elsewhere..

Now that I have a gym membership to a facility with a built-in day care, I no longer find myself having to come up with work outs on my living room floor, while watching Dora The Explorer. For those of you without this luxury however, here is something you can try today, tomorrow, or the next time you get up off the couch. I did this when I woke up today, because Lilly was still sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her to go to the Gym. Plus we still have our cold germs.

100 Jumping Jacks – This one is a ball buster and makes me sad. When I was in 5th grade I could do 10000 Jumping Jacks. Now 100 is my absolute max.

25 Vertical Leg Crunches – These bring back awful flashbacks of my high school Dance class.

30 Crunches – Piece of cake!

20 Squats – Can we go in the honesty bubble for a quick sec? I only did 10, but it’s the thought that counts. Or something like that.

15 Second side plank (each side) – Kill me now. But they hurt so good.

5 Jump Squats – I wanted to try these after watching people in the Gym do them. Not sure how I feel about them.

40 High Knees – These were the end of me. I probably should have repeated the entire workout one more time, but I was to busy dying.