DIY Faux Wall

Jackson has officially been evicted from his crib in my bedroom. On account of him being one and a half years old, that is. He still resides in his four wall fortress AKA his crib, but he has been moved upstairs! For whatever reason (the biggest of which being laziness), I stuck him in the loft. It’s a really large room and its very underutilized. That is until now, my friends!

I decided I wanted to create some sort of partition, or wall to keep his crib out of site, and to give him a space more truly his. I researched all kinds of methods to hang curtains from a ceiling and letsbehonesthere, they all seemed WAY to complicated for a novice like me. So, much like his half assed move upstairs, I took as many shortcuts as possible, because lazy. I only did one wall, but you could easily double the supplies and create two, to create a “room”. All you need is a power drill, 3 eye hooks, galvanized steel wire, and drapery clips!(they have a little claw clip, suspended on a half loop thing). I drilled 3 holes in the ceiling and installed the eye hooks, in a straight line. I tied the wire securely through one of the end eye hooks, then pulled it as taut as humanly possible to the middle eye hook and tied it there. Oh, you’ll need wire cutters too. Then I tied another piece of wire to that middle eye hook and then brought it through the eye hook on the other end, repeating the previous process. Then I attached the clips to the curtains, and hung them on the wire! Voila!! I also attached a curtain thingy(can’t remember the name) to the wall so I could pull aside one of the panels when I choose.


So there you have it! Jackie’s Corner!


Bedroom progress

A few weeks ago I posted some bedroom inspiration. My room still has a long way to go, such as curtains, and adding bistro lights into my paper marche letters to complete the marquee sign I’m going for. I’ve mixed some patterns, the modern chevron rug, with a vintage floral bedspread. Not sure I love it but it works for the time being until I figure out a better way to add some color.



I bought these paper mache letters at JoAnn Fabrics, about $4 each along with a bottle of metallic spray paint. I’m still on the hunt for some bistro lights so I can turn them into marquee letters. So far, obsessed.


Bedroom Envy

Lately I’ve been obsessed with two things.

1) Turning my bedroom into a Princess pad.

2) Somehow incorporating christmas lights into the mix.

Here are some major bedroom envy photos I’ve found on Pinterest:


I moved again. I hate moving, but I’m loving the new digs. So much natural light, great neighbors, and a much more open floor plan. Here are some of my favorite parts of the new place. More pics to come after I paint and hang art.

Closest Curtains^^ So much more stylish than doors.

Open shelving in the kitchen. Adore. (sorry about the crooked pictures, it was my phone…my walls aren’t actually angled).

It’s not chevron, but I’m loving the rugby striped shower curtain in Lilly’s bathroom.