DIY Faux Wall

Jackson has officially been evicted from his crib in my bedroom. On account of him being one and a half years old, that is. He still resides in his four wall fortress AKA his crib, but he has been moved upstairs! For whatever reason (the biggest of which being laziness), I stuck him in the loft. It’s a really large room and its very underutilized. That is until now, my friends!

I decided I wanted to create some sort of partition, or wall to keep his crib out of site, and to give him a space more truly his. I researched all kinds of methods to hang curtains from a ceiling and letsbehonesthere, they all seemed WAY to complicated for a novice like me. So, much like his half assed move upstairs, I took as many shortcuts as possible, because lazy. I only did one wall, but you could easily double the supplies and create two, to create a “room”. All you need is a power drill, 3 eye hooks, galvanized steel wire, and drapery clips!(they have a little claw clip, suspended on a half loop thing). I drilled 3 holes in the ceiling and installed the eye hooks, in a straight line. I tied the wire securely through one of the end eye hooks, then pulled it as taut as humanly possible to the middle eye hook and tied it there. Oh, you’ll need wire cutters too. Then I tied another piece of wire to that middle eye hook and then brought it through the eye hook on the other end, repeating the previous process. Then I attached the clips to the curtains, and hung them on the wire! Voila!! I also attached a curtain thingy(can’t remember the name) to the wall so I could pull aside one of the panels when I choose.


So there you have it! Jackie’s Corner!


Window Shopping

Well, the internet doesn’t really have windows. Or, it is one big window. Anywho, these are some things I’ve stopped to look at lately:

1) Whipperberry has been one of my favorite blogs for quite some time now. As you know I’m redecorating my bedroom, and I’m pretty sure thanks to her tutorial on how to make marquee letters, I’ll be somehow incorporating them into my new digs.

designer marquee letters

2) If you know me in real life, you know I love dresses…and I love sleeves. Dresses with sleeves are just a slam dunk in my book. Obviously Anthropologie is going to nail it on the head. This Taryn Crepe Shift has my name written all over it. Well, everywhere except on the price tag, that is. I’m a baller on a budget, but if you’re just a plain old baller, you could buy it right here.

3) These leg warmers. Really, do I need to explain? There are from Free People, and I need them.

4) Booties aren’t really a fashion statement I’ve ever been interested in, although recently I’m starting to come around. I love buckles, so these stood out to me. If I were so tempted to actually buy a pair, these would be my choice. I found them at Asos, pretty reasonably priced, too!

5) And last but not least, when you’re window shopping in real life you have to stop to eat lunch. This recipe for Portillo’s Chopped Salad…YUM. Who doesn’t love anything Portillo’s? Christy’s blog has also been a good read, and provided endless potluck inspiration. Seriously, the chick is genius. Click here for this recipe and many, many, others.

Portillos Chopped Salad


One of the best things about eating healthy and trying to lose weight, is doing it with a best friend. Accountability is really important, you know…somebody to take the car keys away from you when a chalupa is calling your name. My friend, and accountability partner is battling a cold right now, so today we are trying to drown out the bacteria, with plenty of fluids, and rest. I really need her to get better soon because not only is she my running partner, she’s my shopping partner…and we have a hot date with H&M that has already been postponed once. WE ARE GOING TONIGHT…even if I have to push her in a wheel chair. Mama needs some new clothes.

She’s really good at juicing, comes up with great combinations…So I left that chore for her this morning. Our first cocktail was Carrots, Ginger, Orange, and Strawberry. I drank it before I could take a picture, my apologies. The second batch she made includes Kale, Apples, and Pineapple. We bottled up that goodness for later.


I’ll be doing some cooking later today, a sort of “meal prep”, for the rest of the week if you will. I’m going to do different lunches with couscous, an asian variety, mexican variety, something with salmon….not quite sure yet. Still brainstorming. I just want something easy to take to work with me so I won’t be tempted by all the processed foods in our cafe. I love that today is only day 2, but everything I’ve consumed in the past day and a half has had less than 3 ingredients on the label….and most of the foods I’ve eaten, didn’t even have a label. I feel so much cleaner already. Oh, and water…I’m drinking about 90 ounces a day.

Parenting Fail

Just like every other mediocre parent out there, I forget to watch what comes out of my mouth while in the company of my three year old. Most of the time I don’t even notice it, and I think that’s because she doesn’t blurt out “Oooooh mommy you just said a bad word”, or whatever little three year old tattle tales who know not to cuss blurt out. It’s as if she hears me curse, stores it away silently in a memory file titled “save for later” in her little brain, waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. Then, naturally when her pretty little mouth utters this filth, I’m like WHERE THE FUCK HECK DID YOU LEARN THAT MISSY? Please tell me I’m not alone here..


Just the other day she was banging a toy on the kitchen table, so after about 341234 times of telling her STOP IT PLEASE, I reached over and grabbed the toy and put it away. You guys…you should have seen her face. She looked at me the way I used to look at my mom when she was ruining my life by not letting a friend sleep over in the 5th grade…You know, all “How dare you, biatch..I’m totally calling CPS and telling them you hate me.” – And my mom was all like “Go ahead sweetheart, but I got news for you…They’re gonna take YOU away, not me…so have fun with your creepy new foster siblings…”

I digress

So she looked at me with this face that I’ll never forget, then her eyes got all shifty and she said:

What the…

What the…(her eyes still shifty…like she was racking her brain for the “save for later” file…)

What the…

What the HELL?!

FACE PALM! These moments are bound to happen, all I can do about it is correct them firmly, and thank God it didn’t happen in front of her Grandmother….

What are some of your recent parenting fails?

Party Planning

Call me crazy, but Jackson is only five months old and I’m already pinning his first birthday party. I can’t help it…Everybody else has summer birthdays and out here, that means NO FUN. Jackson was born in the beginning of March though, which means I’ll have zero excuse not to throw him a gorgeous party in the park. Come on, sing it with me… I CANT WAAAAAAAIT! Here’s what I’ve been pinning…

cake cakee

table table2 tent

quinua smores  tiger salad

*all photos courtesy of pinterest

Fruit Cake

Last week I posted a couple of recipes for you all to inspire some WOW worthy 4th of July treats for pot lucks, etc. Today we had a pot luck at my office for my birthday, and the best baker on my team made me the Fruit Pie that I showed you all! Read the recipe right here!

The beauty of this dessert is you can use whatever fruit you like, and you can decorate it any way you please. This is how my co-worker Joan’s turned out.


Thank you so, so much for putting so much love into my birthday cake, Joan. Turned out beautiful if you ask me!

Current Loves.

From Bahama taking sleepy summer naps, to Mocha Chip Gelato, to Tropi-KALE smoothies, to Lilly cooking for Bahama, to baby laughs, and baby snuggles. To chevron living room walls, to how I feel about myself, and to swimming. These are things I’m loving at the moment. Just me, soakin’ up summertime.

Click on a photo above to enlarge, and scroll through the gallery.


I moved again. I hate moving, but I’m loving the new digs. So much natural light, great neighbors, and a much more open floor plan. Here are some of my favorite parts of the new place. More pics to come after I paint and hang art.

Closest Curtains^^ So much more stylish than doors.

Open shelving in the kitchen. Adore. (sorry about the crooked pictures, it was my phone…my walls aren’t actually angled).

It’s not chevron, but I’m loving the rugby striped shower curtain in Lilly’s bathroom.