Pillow Talk

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was leave my bed this morning. I mean really, just look at it.


First world problem, I know. Saturday night involved a bit to many drinks and turns out, the closer you get to 30 the harder it is to hang. I seriously spent all day Sunday sweating. Gross. Anyways, I’m tired, and have been working, and being a mom, and I’ve abandoned this blog. Sometime soon I’ll be getting on the gym bandwagon and that will give me something new to write about because right now everything is just sort of redundant.



I spent all weekend chasing my kids around a kiddie pool

blair li


And soaking up time with family

carole jackie

And capturing as many smiles as possible

jackie ball

 And I want to go back now


The Haps’

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much. It wasn’t for lack of free time. Nearly three months ago I got fired for the first time. Didn’t see that coming, but I decided to make the best of it, and soak up as much time with my kids, and do things that make me happy. The good news (or maybe it’s sort of sad) is that I just landed a new job! I am so grateful that I was able to make it through what started out as the scariest time of my life. Thanks to friends who let me work odd jobs, and to family for their endless belief in me.

Here is what I’ve been up to:

The struggle is real, my friends.

The struggle is real, my friends.

Got a new car!

Got a new car!

Cartoon watching

Cartoon watching

Donuts, Obvi...

Donuts, Obvi…

Loungin' whenever, wherever.

Loungin’ whenever, wherever.

Pool parties.

Pool parties.


I would end somebody if they dared post a picture of me from this angle, but look at those teeth! He is 14 months and finally got a top tooth. Now he can eat good food, all day err day.


Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Life just has a way of throwing you to the wind sometimes. Blogging – ain’t nobody got time for that.

We moved, I got recruited for a better job, I had to travel during my first week of said “better job”, and when I got home, Lilly came down with Scarlet Fever. That’s right…SCARLET FEVER. I feel silly for thinking that didn’t even exsist anymore, but it does. Who knew..

It’s basically SUPER strep throat. Also, while her immune system was down in the dumps, another fun loving virus took over. Called Stomatitis. It causes huge open sores all over the inside of your mouth. The poor girl just couldn’t win! After about 4 days of not eating, and barely drinking…it was time to go to the hospital. They took good care of her, and she has now made a full recovery. [thank you baby Jesus]

lilly blog

The Haps

Things have been happening around here! First of all I got my boot off for good. The bones in my foot are healed and I can finally wear two matching shoes. Hallelujah.

Lilly cut her hair. No she wasn’t handling scissors without supervision…I just seriously looked the other way for 10 seconds, and guess what folks..That’s all the time one needs to cut the hair around one’s face mid-cheek length. Needless to say the great folks at Great Clips seemed frighteningly prepared to fix her shoddy work. *slams head on desk*


Jackson is about to turn one [insert sad face here]. He can pull himself up on furniture. Eats real people food. Grew his first two teeth in one week. Says mama. Laughs ALL THE TIME. He is so much fun. Lilly and I couldn’t love him more.










Only The Good Die Young

I haven’t been able to express how I have been feeling since this past Saturday. One of my dearest family members, Jake, was killed and my entire family is at a loss of words. It’s certainly tragic when someone passes from old age, illness, or accident, but to lose a life at the hands of another human being? I just can’t…

This was written by a friend of our family, and honestly she said it best. Please read:

Friends: I need to tell you about Jake Rice. This young man was tragically killed in a hit and run car accident yesterday. He is one of those kids who was kind of a “tough-guy-cool-dude” strutting around in his DC hat and skate shoes. He would probably not want most to know how sweet, and gentle a soul he truly was. In truth there is no denying that he was a gorgeous kid on the outside, but to know him, even from a distance, you could tell he was a really good person on the inside as well. Jake is my dear friend NancyJo’s nephew, and over the years our family has spent holidays, birthdays, and special events with the Rice family. Jake always took the time to say hello, chat a bit, answer all the queries about school and the “what-are- you-doing this summer” questions we parents ask. Where there was Jake, so was his brother Sam. Heads together, sharing what brothers share. Jake and Sam were absolutely the best of friends, and they were truly inseparable; the definition of soul mates. I am not going to say I knew Jake well. What I do know is that Jake loved his family; being with friends, horses, roping, and I KNOW he loved Sam. I don’t know what kind of music Jake liked, but I would imagine it was loud and thumping. I can’t even say I know what kind of car Jake drove, but I would guess it was a giant pickup. Many of us have teen agers or young adult children just making their way in the world so we all know something like this can happen to any of us. I don’t know how to grieve for Jake or to let Barry and Cynda know how incredibly sorry Marc and I are for their loss. What we can do, is ask that you pray for his family, send good thoughts to the Universe; pay it forward, or do a kind thing. The truth is that the world should know about this young man, and the only thing we can do is to tell the world about him. I hope the next time a big truck pulls up next to you with music blaring, or you see a cloudless sky that would match the color of Jake’s incredibly blue eyes, think of this young man who was much too young to die, and of his family who will never go another day without both the pain of losing him and the joy of knowing him well, for far too short a time. Rest in God’s peace, Jake. Most of us wish we had known you better, and those who did will never be the same without you.