A Post Without Pictures {You’re Welcome}

Have you ever had a moment with your child, when they do something that inflicts SO MUCH FUCKING PAIN to you that you your vision goes white and have to grasp a wad of whatever is closest to you in order to prevent your hands from flailing involuntarily in their direction?

…yeah, that happened.

I mean sure, with an{almost} four year old, and a one year old, it has definitely happened more than once. When my oldest was about 2, she was sitting in my lap and moved her head backwards into my nose at such a high level of velocity that I was sure It’d been flattened. All I remember is hearing a loud CRACK, then seeing white. No blood that time though. Since she never inflicted an injury that required a tourniquet, her little brother must have been plotting his “one-up” on her.

The three of us, sitting on my bed as we often do when Jackson wakes up from his nap. Laughing and cuddling and talking about dreams. An empty cup on my nightstand. A baby brother just itching to one-up his sister. He grabbed it. He chucked it. It bounced off Lilly’s head. Then straight into my mouth. A fat. Bloody. Lip.

Touche, little dude. Touche.


Freedom Has A Price

Friday morning. It’s the thing dreams are made of. This weekend I’m releasing the parenting reins for a bit. Don’t get me wrong. I love having the kids at home and I am SO thankful that I get them six nights a week, occasionally five. This morning as I am getting the kids and myself ready, I loaded up the pack and play, the stroller, the diaper bag, and all of the essentials because my Mom is picking them up from Katie’s house and they’re having a slumber party at my sisters. Then tomorrow their Dad is picking them up and keeping them until I get off work Monday. Naturally, I was bound to forget something. Dipes, wipes, bottle, sippy cup, panties, pajamas, stroller, pack and play. Check.

Carseats. I forgot to leave the carseats at Katie’s. Couldn’t have been something easily attained at CVS. Nooooo. It had to be the one thing that will require me driving across town to pick up the kids after work, and then driving BACK across town (even further this time) to drop them off for their slumber party, at what I can only presume will be bedtime.

It sounds bad, and it sounds like I’m complaining. But let’s be real people…THREE nights where I only have to put myself to bed. And THREE mornings where I only have to remember to put MY pants on. Any chance to be home alone and not have to hide in the pantry to sneak myself candy is a win. It’s a price I guess, but it’s certainly within my budget.


Face Palm

Being the mother of an [almost] four year old has got to be more entertaining than Stand Up Live. The kids go to an in-home day care, and the providers name is Katie. The other day after I had picked up the kids and we were driving home, Lilly says “Mom, Miss Katie told me to GO”. I asked her where Katie wanted her to “GO”, and she said “She told me to go play in the other room when she was talking on the phone!” [Note, she is saying this like it’s the worst thing anybody has ever told her to do. And that’s saying a lot, considering I tell her to wipe her own ass.]

I digress.

I respond with “Well did you listen to Miss Katie and leave her alone while she was on the phone?” And I quote: “No Mom, let’s not talk about it anymore. It was soooo bad”.

Where does she come up with this stuff? It’s a combination of her tone of voice, and the phrases she spits out. I just cant..


For a little nugget that looks harmless, the girl sure can be a terror. Last night when I was loading the kids into the car in front of Katie’s house, Lilly said she peed in her shorts. I thought she meant right there as she was climbing into her car seat, so naturally I FLIP and ask why she didn’t go in the bathroom. She’s never had an accident! She proceeds to tell me she had just woken up from a nap [In Miss Katie’s bed], and peed while she was sleeping. Katie didn’t mention it to me, and since Lilly was still in her pee pants, I assumed she didn’t tell Katie. Turns out my hypothesis was correct…I asked Lil and she responded with “No way, YOU tell her. You call her right now and tell her on the phone that I peed in her bed, MOM!”

The kid sure isn’t short on sass.

Party Planning

Call me crazy, but Jackson is only five months old and I’m already pinning his first birthday party. I can’t help it…Everybody else has summer birthdays and out here, that means NO FUN. Jackson was born in the beginning of March though, which means I’ll have zero excuse not to throw him a gorgeous party in the park. Come on, sing it with me… I CANT WAAAAAAAIT! Here’s what I’ve been pinning…

cake cakee

table table2 tent

quinua smores  tiger salad

*all photos courtesy of pinterest

These Are The Best Days Of Our Lives

If you’re getting bored with pool pictures, then move me out of Phoenix. It’s the only way to be active outdoors these days.

Taking the dog on walks and spending hours each day in the pool.

These really are the best days of our lives.

Current Loves.

From Bahama taking sleepy summer naps, to Mocha Chip Gelato, to Tropi-KALE smoothies, to Lilly cooking for Bahama, to baby laughs, and baby snuggles. To chevron living room walls, to how I feel about myself, and to swimming. These are things I’m loving at the moment. Just me, soakin’ up summertime.

Click on a photo above to enlarge, and scroll through the gallery.

Letter To Lillian

Dear Lillian,

I can’t believe you are two. This past year you have literally transformed from a baby, into a full-blown kid. I’m writing your birthday letter a couple of days early, because as you know, we are early to everything. One thing you’ve been early to, is the terrible twos. My goodness you can be a beast when you set your mind to it. At times it makes me question whether or not I’m doing it right, but at the end of the day, every time you cuddle up against me, or cry for me, or hold your arms up for me to pick you up, I know I am. You are the funniest kid I know, and smart to boot! You are learning your letters, how to count, your colors, and you know so many words its amazing. You now refuse to sit in a high chair when we go out to eat, and you are a pro at silverware use. Your Aunt Paige thinks you’re a prodigy because you also hold your pencil the proper way (which, I might add, you have always done).  You are naturally cautious, and you think everything through before you act. I love that about you. You love coloring with chalk, and your current crush is Caillou. (Kill me now) You have also had lots of “firsts” this past year, such as: You rode an airplane, you walked, you got your first pets (Bahama and Kumar), you got your first scraped knee..(and killer black eye), you rode your first tricycle, you slept in bed with mommy, you went to the beach, and most importantly, you went to DASH Miami. You’re welcome.

I love you more than life itself, Lilly. I can’t wait for the next year ahead of us, and I am so excited to watch you grow, learn, and experience everything life has to offer for you. There are so many people who love you like crazy. I hope you know that. I’m sure you do. You are special, beautiful, funny, and you deserve the best, and I promise I’m going to give it to you. Some “firsts” you are going to experience in the next year include: Potty training, first trip to the dentist, and first professional haircut. YAY .

Look how far you’ve come:

Love, Mommy

PS – Sorry bout your bangs, kid.

Missing Child – Found

Just over a month ago, I alerted my readers about a missing child. It wasn’t one of those email forwards, or spam. It was my coworkers daughter Ava Enlow, and she needed our prayers and good thoughts. You can read about that original plea for help right here.

I wanted to let you guys know that our prayers were heard. Sweet baby Ava was found yesterday. She was whisked out of a tiny home just outside Mazatlan, Mexico by authorities, her father was arrested, and she will be reunited with her loving mother this week.