Amy’s Baking Company

I believe the pictures in this post will do most of the talking for me, but I have to tell you guys about my recent experience at Amy’s Baking Company. Michelle and I didn’t know where we wanted to have lunch so we drove around for a bit and then once I remembered we were super close the the Kitchen Nightmare’s restaurant, we decided it needed to be checked out. When we pulled into the parking lot, we immediately whipped out our phones as if we had arrived at some sort of tourist attraction(the circus, perhaps).


Samy greeted us as the host(he was also our waiter, and the bus boy…actually, he was the only person in the front of the house). He was extremely accomodating, a little bossy..but not in a rude way. It was more in a “I have to make sure you are not let down, do as I say so you will be pleased” manner. Either way, he was very endearing and seemed to genuinely care about our experience. Michelle and I decided we wanted to try a few different things so we started off with House Salads, tossed with cherry tomatoes and a lemon dill salad dressing that was absolutely PERFECT and refreshing.


The salad was bright, cool, and also I might add, HUGE. It would be a perfect entry if you added a protien. We also ordered the hummus, which we were practically licking out of the bowl when Samy came back with our Pizza.


The Pizza was the item we were most nervous about. If you’ve seen the Kitchen Nightmare’s episode on ABC then you will remember it was soggy, under cooked, and an utter disapointment. We chose the Pear, Fig, Procuitto pizza, and when Samy set it down, we could tell it was cooked to perfection. It was absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t praise it enough.

full pizza


All of the flavors blended together in perfect harmony, and although we were so full, we could not.stop.eating. Samy was a bit taken back by the fact that these two small girls were NOT indeed ready for the bill like he had imagined we would be, but were ready to head inside to inspect the dessert case. Amy’s desserts are impeccable. She likes sparkly things, and there is edible shimmer lust on about three quarters of the options, but we were just on cloud nine from our delicious lunch that the sparkly treats seemed fine.

photo (3)

We picked a chocolate truffle type cake (I regret that I can not remember what it was called). You know those small chocolate truffle balls?? This was like one of those, but the size and shape of a slice of cake. It was literally only possible to eat like, two bites MAX, but I’m not complaining! When we were all done and paid(and tipped..sorry, couldn’t help myself) Samy, he walked us back inside and went to get Amy from the kitchen to introduce us. She was SO pleasant, and thanked us for coming in expressed her gratification at our kind words. Also, SHE IS GORGEOUS. I don’t know how somebody can work in a hot kitchen for hours on end and walk out looking FLAWLESS. Anyways, this was long and disorganzied but if you made it all the way through, my suggestion is to go give Amy’s Baking Company a shot. Michelle and I can’t help but feel as though the show was totally fake. We left questioning everything we thought we knew, about everything.



This post is obviously a bit late but here it goes anyways!

A few months ago I’d registered for the 26th annual thanksgiving day classic, held by the arizona road racers club. I figured a run would be a great way to start off turkey day. I’d be able to focus on everything I’m thankful for, such as my two legs that I will never take for granted, as well as earn a slice of pie at the same time! In fact the prizes for the winners happened to be just that…PIE.

I did horrible, in case you were wondering. I sort of hadn’t run at all really in the weeks leading up to this 5k. I was mostly relying on the bit of cardio I do during my personal training sessions to get me through, if you will. Out of like 1300 racers, I came in in like 1000th place haha. I shouldn’t laugh. Its not funny. Whatever. More motivation for next time.



Starting Over

As somebody who once made it a point to run at least one 5k per month, let me just tell you starting over is a bitch. After spending the last year being pregnant, having said baby, and becoming one of the laziest people I know, I’m getting back on the wagon. The running wagon, that is. Fuck I wish there really was a wagon. You know, that I could ride in…

See..lazy I tell you…

Starting over isn’t fun. Things burn, things jiggle, and there is a lot of disappointment in myself. The scale has been pretty friendly, but my distance is suffering horribly. My first run, I barely made it over a half mile. My second run, I paced myself, and made it about 1 mile exactly. Third run, made it about 1.4 miles. And now I’m working on 2 miles. I honestly don’t think I’ll be truly satisfied with myself until I can run a solid 3. I am happy at the progress I’ve made and the determination I have, that is honestly stronger than it has been in a long time. Along with running, I’ve been doing abs, arms, and some pilates type moves to just help myself get lean again.

Did I mention I picked the worst time ever to start running? Our days are 110F+ and our nights don’t dip below 100F. I stick to night time, when at least the sun is down. If I didn’t care what my living room looked like, I’d plop a treadmill right in front of the TV and run in the air conditioning! At least my dog keeps up with me outside!

How have all my readers been? What are you guys doing to stay fit this summer? Any good recipes?  I have a chickpea cookie dough recipe I’ll be sharing soon.

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My Happy Place

I drive about 100 miles north

To sit down and stare at this beauty

The town smells sweet like syrup

The temperature lowers

Life slows down

There’s just something about it, my happy place

Friends In Phoenix

REGISTER! Even if you want to walk it, push a stroller, skip, run, or roll…Let’s do it together. I was too busy last year running my little heart out to take any pictures, but these beauties are courtesy of THE COLOR RUN. Get a discount for early registration. I didn’t start a team, so just register solo and let me know!



It’s Almost That Time Again

It feels like just yesterday I told you all that I registered for my first ever 5k, The Color Run! I got a notification today that registration opens up for the Phoenix run on September 4th, and trust me guys, it fills up QUICK!!!!!  The run is January 26th, see you there!

[[[not me, courtesy of THE COLOR RUN]]]

Missing Child – Found

Just over a month ago, I alerted my readers about a missing child. It wasn’t one of those email forwards, or spam. It was my coworkers daughter Ava Enlow, and she needed our prayers and good thoughts. You can read about that original plea for help right here.

I wanted to let you guys know that our prayers were heard. Sweet baby Ava was found yesterday. She was whisked out of a tiny home just outside Mazatlan, Mexico by authorities, her father was arrested, and she will be reunited with her loving mother this week.

Skinny Summer

Anybody who knows me in real life, knows that cardigans are a staple in my wardrobe and on my body. Even in the dead of summer, I can be caught with a cardigan or pull-over of some sort. When you work in a climate controlled office like I do, it’s important that you don’t necessarily dress for the 115 degree heat outside, if your going to spend 10 hours at desk that has been cooled to a balmy 70.  This outfit encompasses all things I love. From the colors, to the ability to shed a layer, to the woven purse, and the gold bangles.

Raise your hand if you feel to sick to work out

Oh my FREAKING GOSH, people.

Please tell me I’m not the only person who has this perpetual Allergy/Cold thing going on? I’m leaving a trail of tissue every where I go. I’m almost frightened to step foot in the gym with these germs, for fear that somebody else has spread theirs as well, and will put my symptoms into double-time! Now that I think about it, the gym daycare. Ahhh.


 Gross kids.





We are proud Dog owners now. This excites me because our new furry friend is about twice the size(or more), of a Coyote, and will make me feel safe to take on walks, and short jogs around my neighborhood. We live in a very safe neighborhood, don’t get me wrong..but I watch WAY too much L&O SVU for my own good – so my mind always goes there.

I can officially say I’m down a pants size. Obviously this is exciting. Bye-bye weight. Well, bye-bye to some of it, at least. Can’t wait to see the rest of you disappear. By “you”, I mean the fat.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be up for a Zumba class. If I don’t make it to that, I already have set plans to go to the Zoo. This time I won’t be running it. Hopefully there will be no flashbacks involved.

You know, of Dani making me run up the damn hills.