Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Life just has a way of throwing you to the wind sometimes. Blogging – ain’t nobody got time for that.

We moved, I got recruited for a better job, I had to travel during my first week of said “better job”, and when I got home, Lilly came down with Scarlet Fever. That’s right…SCARLET FEVER. I feel silly for thinking that didn’t even exsist anymore, but it does. Who knew..

It’s basically SUPER strep throat. Also, while her immune system was down in the dumps, another fun loving virus took over. Called Stomatitis. It causes huge open sores all over the inside of your mouth. The poor girl just couldn’t win! After about 4 days of not eating, and barely drinking…it was time to go to the hospital. They took good care of her, and she has now made a full recovery. [thank you baby Jesus]

lilly blog


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