The Haps

Things have been happening around here! First of all I got my boot off for good. The bones in my foot are healed and I can finally wear two matching shoes. Hallelujah.

Lilly cut her hair. No she wasn’t handling scissors without supervision…I just seriously looked the other way for 10 seconds, and guess what folks..That’s all the time one needs to cut the hair around one’s face mid-cheek length. Needless to say the great folks at Great Clips seemed frighteningly prepared to fix her shoddy work. *slams head on desk*


Jackson is about to turn one [insert sad face here]. He can pull himself up on furniture. Eats real people food. Grew his first two teeth in one week. Says mama. Laughs ALL THE TIME. He is so much fun. Lilly and I couldn’t love him more.











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