Only The Good Die Young

I haven’t been able to express how I have been feeling since this past Saturday. One of my dearest family members, Jake, was killed and my entire family is at a loss of words. It’s certainly tragic when someone passes from old age, illness, or accident, but to lose a life at the hands of another human being? I just can’t…

This was written by a friend of our family, and honestly she said it best. Please read:

Friends: I need to tell you about Jake Rice. This young man was tragically killed in a hit and run car accident yesterday. He is one of those kids who was kind of a “tough-guy-cool-dude” strutting around in his DC hat and skate shoes. He would probably not want most to know how sweet, and gentle a soul he truly was. In truth there is no denying that he was a gorgeous kid on the outside, but to know him, even from a distance, you could tell he was a really good person on the inside as well. Jake is my dear friend NancyJo’s nephew, and over the years our family has spent holidays, birthdays, and special events with the Rice family. Jake always took the time to say hello, chat a bit, answer all the queries about school and the “what-are- you-doing this summer” questions we parents ask. Where there was Jake, so was his brother Sam. Heads together, sharing what brothers share. Jake and Sam were absolutely the best of friends, and they were truly inseparable; the definition of soul mates. I am not going to say I knew Jake well. What I do know is that Jake loved his family; being with friends, horses, roping, and I KNOW he loved Sam. I don’t know what kind of music Jake liked, but I would imagine it was loud and thumping. I can’t even say I know what kind of car Jake drove, but I would guess it was a giant pickup. Many of us have teen agers or young adult children just making their way in the world so we all know something like this can happen to any of us. I don’t know how to grieve for Jake or to let Barry and Cynda know how incredibly sorry Marc and I are for their loss. What we can do, is ask that you pray for his family, send good thoughts to the Universe; pay it forward, or do a kind thing. The truth is that the world should know about this young man, and the only thing we can do is to tell the world about him. I hope the next time a big truck pulls up next to you with music blaring, or you see a cloudless sky that would match the color of Jake’s incredibly blue eyes, think of this young man who was much too young to die, and of his family who will never go another day without both the pain of losing him and the joy of knowing him well, for far too short a time. Rest in God’s peace, Jake. Most of us wish we had known you better, and those who did will never be the same without you.




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