My freaking dog. Not only is he my running buddy, but he’s scared of literally everything. He’s been doing a million times better since I first rescued him, after having a trainer work with him, and us giving him tons of love. Anytime something startles him though, he jumps about 10 feet in the air and FREAKS. Tonight on our run we made it just over half a mile when something, no idea what it was, scared him. He did his usual jump and try to hide and it all happened so fast that I ended up tripping over him. Fell flat on my face into the sidewalk. Skinned up my knees, the palms of my hands, and have a sore ankle now. Just lovely.  I was seriously so pathetic. I just sat there for a minute. waiting for the cars to finish driving by…hoping nobody saw me eat shit…but knowing they all did!

jamie blog knee blog


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