Just kidding…I won’t starve, trust me. If there is one thing I’ve learned from all the hours I’ve scoured the “thinspiration” posts on Pinterest, it’s that being fit and losing weight is 70% diet, and 30% exercise.

I’ve been pretty good about the working out part of this journey, but I could definitely focus more energy on making sure what I’m eating is consistently healthy. I woke up this morning very inspired to make good nutritional choices, and as soon as I decided today would be the day, I instantly needed Taco Bell. I wish I was kidding…I’m so gross. I’m really proud of myself though because instead of saying “I guess I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow”, I stayed strong, made myself a bowl of raspberries, Greek yogurt, peach compote, and ate a Kind Bar. I feel really, really proud of myself so far. I know it’s still early in the afternoon but my dinner is planned (salmon), and I am going to snack on nuts and apples/peanut butter the rest of today. Do you guys have any really good ideas for healthy lunches, snacks, etc?

If you look to the right of the screen, my breakfast photo has been Instagramed for your viewing pleasures lol. Follow me if you’re not already!


3 thoughts on “Starvation

  1. I just made a bunch of quinoa to freeze and a pot if wheat berries. I mix the wheat berries with Greek yogurt for a super (really) filling breakfast and the quinoa can be defrosted and added to salad or just plain with a yummyvinagrette and whatever veggies you have on hand for a kind of pilaf. These are cheap, easy(once they’re made- wheat berries last up to 7 days in the fridge, same with real oatmeal) and quick- I have little screaming blessings too! Try them as your grain base vs. processed grains.

    • Thank you, great ideas!! I love quinoa and couscous but I always forget about them…ill have to make some to keep on hand. I WANT to like oatmeal so bad, but the slimy texture turns me off every time I try it :(


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