Starting Over

As somebody who once made it a point to run at least one 5k per month, let me just tell you starting over is a bitch. After spending the last year being pregnant, having said baby, and becoming one of the laziest people I know, I’m getting back on the wagon. The running wagon, that is. Fuck I wish there really was a wagon. You know, that I could ride in…

See..lazy I tell you…

Starting over isn’t fun. Things burn, things jiggle, and there is a lot of disappointment in myself. The scale has been pretty friendly, but my distance is suffering horribly. My first run, I barely made it over a half mile. My second run, I paced myself, and made it about 1 mile exactly. Third run, made it about 1.4 miles. And now I’m working on 2 miles. I honestly don’t think I’ll be truly satisfied with myself until I can run a solid 3. I am happy at the progress I’ve made and the determination I have, that is honestly stronger than it has been in a long time. Along with running, I’ve been doing abs, arms, and some pilates type moves to just help myself get lean again.

Did I mention I picked the worst time ever to start running? Our days are 110F+ and our nights don’t dip below 100F. I stick to night time, when at least the sun is down. If I didn’t care what my living room looked like, I’d plop a treadmill right in front of the TV and run in the air conditioning! At least my dog keeps up with me outside!

How have all my readers been? What are you guys doing to stay fit this summer? Any good recipes?  I have a chickpea cookie dough recipe I’ll be sharing soon.

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