Dear Other Parents,

9:28am usually for me, includes turning off cartoons, fighting with a hair brush, and bed head, brushing my teeth, and her teeth. Finding the most work appropriate, unwrinkled, and clean outfits for the both of us. Depending on where she’s going while I’m at work, we may be doing all of this while running out the door, too.

I’m not going to work today, and my god has she already proven herself to be my favorite child in the world. It reminds me of when I was young and I would barter with my mom for things I wanted to do. “I’ll clean my room if I can spend the night at Katie’s”, I would say. Best child of the year award, for sure.

Did I forget to tell you what she’s done this morning to deserve such praises? Oh, my apologies: she hasn’t done ANYTHING.

Because she’s still asleep. Praise the Lord



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