What. The. Hell.

Wildflowers are not blooming. Orange blossoms have come and gone. Shrubs should be getting ready to wither away for the winter. So, I ask you…What on earth is in the air? I can not, and I mean CAN NOT, get rid of this constant sneeze. Ahh-choooo!

My mom(and all other wise people), say if you eat local honey from your county, that it will stop allergies, because the honey is filled with allergens that your body can acclimate to. Only problem is, I hate honey. Does anybody out there have any other natural remedies for Arizona allergies?


3 thoughts on “AHH-CHOOOO

  1. I hate honey too! Try putting it in smoothies with other strong flavors. That’s what I do and you can’t even notice the taste. I have also found that local honey doesn’t taste as strong as the store-bought stuff.

  2. soundbitesblog says:

    Can you add honey to other things to mask its flavor? Environmental allergies are a challenge here too. I find that eating local organic produce and meats has helped at least shorten the duration of my symptoms this year.


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