Advice [[Needed]]

Next weekend I’m making the big move. The move from crib, to bed for Lilly.  When I first sleep trained Lilly it was by the ever-controversial FERBER method, so I need to do some reading about the best ways to make this transition easiest on the both of us. I am WELL AWARE there will be several, SEVERAL sleepless nights ahead for me. I’m so excited for her to have a big girl room. I know she’ll love it too. What are some of the things that worked best for you? Any tips or suggestions?


5 thoughts on “Advice [[Needed]]

  1. Aunt Carole says:

    Did you read how well Dooce was doing with Marlo? :) Stick to your guns Blair….Keep taking her back to bed!

    • Yeah I read that – but it sounded like HELL lol. Shes not getting her bed til this weekend so I haven’t started yet. I think she’ll do okay though. I already started talking to her about it and stuff..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Set up the bed, but don’t let her sleep in it until THE day that you have chosen. Talk about how “on Saturday” or whenever, she GETS to move into her big girl bed. This will build anticipation and excitement. Also, sleep on the floor in her room if she needs you, but don’t let her leave her bed. When she goes to sleep go back to your bed and if she wakes you, go back to the floor in her room. If she comes into your room to wake you, take her back to her bed and stay with her (on the floor) until she goes back to sleep. Always let her know that you will come in whenever she calls. Don’t set up a bed for you or put a mattress on the floor as it will be difficult for her when you try to remove these items. Just take a blanket and pillow and take them back to your room when she goes to sleep. Always be positive when she wakes you up. “Let’s go back to your big girl bed! Mommy will sleep in your room until you go to sleep. Remember that you can always come get mommy if you need me.” I doubt that you will have more than a few nights of transition. Good luck!

  3. We made a BIG deal about the transition, letting the boys pick their own sheets, etc. (My kids are 20 and 17 now, by the way.) I also always emphasized that they needed to stay in their own room, not come to mine (I’m sure people will comment on this) and that if they called, I would be right there. Anyway, let her pick sheets and things she likes and make a big deal out of the big girl bed – then stick with a routine at bedtime, bath, book, etc. and she’ll probably have no problem transitioning.


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