Twenty-Five And Fabulous

Oh-Em-Gee I am finally 25 and I am loving it! This is going to be such a good year. I transferred back to my old department at work which means working in the office all of my friends work in. SO HAPPY!


Also guys, have any of you discovered Elf cosmetics? I know Target sells them but other stores might as well. Anyways all of the basic make up including brushes are $1.00 and things like foundation is only $6.00 and I think the mascara was only $3.00. Anyways my point is the majority of the essentials are only $1.00. Not only is this an incredible deal for make up, but the best part is (and I’m no connoisseur), it is great make up. The foundation is perfect coverage, the mascara doesn’t clump, the blush is smooth, and the brush is soft and efficient. It’s a very wide line of cosmetics, so check it out if your budget is tight. Here is a full face of Elf – minus the lipstick. The lips are a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the color “Cherish”. That was about $7.00. Elf doesn’t make stains, that I’m aware of.




2 thoughts on “Twenty-Five And Fabulous

    • Yes! Especially because a normal foundation, for example, can cost around $12.00 just by itself!! I was skeptical about how well Elf would work…and I can’t believe the coverage, the colors of the eye shadows, all of it!


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