Current Loves.

From Bahama taking sleepy summer naps, to Mocha Chip Gelato, to Tropi-KALE smoothies, to Lilly cooking for Bahama, to baby laughs, and baby snuggles. To chevron living room walls, to how I feel about myself, and to swimming. These are things I’m loving at the moment. Just me, soakin’ up summertime.

Click on a photo above to enlarge, and scroll through the gallery.


2 thoughts on “Current Loves.

  1. Hey Blair! I love your photos of your little one, shes adorable. However, my question is, how did you paint your chevron walls? Any great tips?? I am so in love with this print.

    • I haven’t painted mine chevron yet actually, that’s just my inspiration picture. I am going to share my trick for painting stripes of all kinds very soon though so keep an eye out!


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