Missing Child – Found

Just over a month ago, I alerted my readers about a missing child. It wasn’t one of those email forwards, or spam. It was my coworkers daughter Ava Enlow, and she needed our prayers and good thoughts. You can read about that original plea for help right here.

I wanted to let you guys know that our prayers were heard. Sweet baby Ava was found yesterday. She was whisked out of a tiny home just outside Mazatlan, Mexico by authorities, her father was arrested, and she will be reunited with her loving mother this week.


9 thoughts on “Missing Child – Found

  1. I’m so glad she is safe, praise God! However, I hope all the rumors about Ava’s mom having sex with her father isn’t true because that will put Ava in danger as well.

    • Rumors of Athena sleeping with Ava’s biological father, or with her own father??? I haven’t heard these because I don’t follow much of the media coverage but I can assure you whatever situation of “father sleeping” you’re referring to isn’t true.

  2. THANK HEAVEN! God!!! Mother went through Hell and back…
    I hope they will never have to go through this..
    Wishing all the best to the family,and let’s hope they recover soon the lost time!
    So happy right now!
    Thank you for the Great news!!!!

    (hoping you really won’t need to do this again)

  3. I didn’t see your original post, but thank God. I know I don’t actually know the people involved, but I can’t wait for that sweet little girl to be home with her Mama.


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