Where I live, there are no four seasons. No spring. No fall. Just winter, and summer. Most of the time it’s just summer though. Currently my hair is the longest it’s been since before I was in first grade, and with the temperatures rising, I’ve had to experiment with hairstyles that offer relief for the back of my neck. Today, it was a side fishtail braid. Side braids are very in right now(most likely thanks to The Hunger Games). I like things just east of usual though, so if you are like me you might enjoy this variation of the braid.



9 thoughts on “Fishtail

  1. I wish I could braid my hair too! But it’s so stick straight that it falls out of everything. So I just leave it on my head like a boring mess.

    This looks great though! Is it like a “reverse” braid?

  2. Awesome. I’m loving the style! If I had had the patience to learn how to braid my own hair in time before my arms fell off, it would probably still be down to the middle of my back. Alas, it’s now really short!


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