Daily Dose – I Needed This



9 thoughts on “Daily Dose – I Needed This

  1. I wish it were true. For me, at least, loosing weight has to be a conscious and deliberate thing. I’ve tried the “eat well, exercise lots and live a balanced life” and it’s fine for maintaining my weight, but when I need to get to a healthier weight to start with, I need to be more methodical.

    And note I said healthier weight. I don’t give a hoot (there was another word I would have used, but I’m being polite) about skinny. I just want to run faster and be stronger.

    But losing weight is hard work for me. Sometimes I love posters like the above, but sometimes I find that they just don’t capture how much you have to work at controlling portions, making good choices and sometimes just walking away from food that you simply want to stuff in your mouth.

    • I don’t know, it says focus on being healthy, not on being skinny. Counting calories, running, working out, portion control, are all to me, part of focusing on being healthy.


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