Okay you guys, I need your help. I’ve got this whole working out and being active thing down pat. My diet on the other hand? HORRID. I had myself fooled into thinking that I was at least trying, but lately it’s been so bad. Do any of you use daily food diaries, or track your eating habits in any way? What do you find to be the most helpful? Are they easy to stick too? Do you find yourself lying to your diary? BE HONEST, please..And share your best food tips, healthy recipes, etc. Let’s get a thread going in the comments because I am calling for your assistance my lovely readers!


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  1. I have realised that I can’t count calories, because I get too obsessed with it. I want my food experience to be positive and encourage me instead for being on the right track without being too preoccupied with exactly how many calories things contain. I’ve had negative experience with eating disorder in the past and know how easy it is for a good path to turn into a dangerous one. What I do now is run a food diary, completely honest and sincere, and write down what I eat, but without counting calories. I focus on the daily intake of fruit and vegetables and make sure that I drink plenty of water. It might not work for you, but this is my way to not spiral downwards into something harmful again. It’s easier than you think. This was just my two cents, I hope you find them useful in any way. Good luck.

  2. I realized at my age, 33 one month shy of 34 that I have to count my calories! I cant take it anymore it is insane! During non training (I am racing my second marathon come this Fall) I have to keep to 1200 calories or less M-F. 1500-1600 for weekends.
    Crazy =( but easy
    Breakfast: Soy and Bear Naked Granola
    Snack: Lara Bar (favorite is choco-chip cookie dough)
    Lunch: Rice Noodles, Veggies, Shrimp (this week), lunch at Native Foods, or a pita sandwhich, salad. Whatever comes to around 500 calories
    Dinner: Smoothies my body & soul or fruit, tonight I am making a Strapple. =)
    Snack: Hummas -Garlic Sabre with Pita Chips.

    I make dinner every night for my hubby so it has been difficult, but have lost weight and this week I lost 3 pounds in 2 days. Also, water only during the week. so hard.

      • I promise you cut the Diet Coke and you will see a huge difference. I am full all the time and stuffed because I choose my favorites to eat and make them delic! I still make dinner for the hubs, but I had to just say no even though all of my dishes were healthy. Family vacation in 4 months, need to fit into all the clothes I bought, yip, I went there bought before I could fit. Motivation.

        • Okay you know what, as of right now, NO MORE. Ahhhh I can’t believe I just said that, but I will try. I already had one today, but I won’t have anymore. We’ll see how this goes…Did you get headaches?

          • No not at all, but I just realized that I had to do it. Diet Coke is so bad for us anyways! Have it as a treat during the weekends and you will feel the difference! I have a 1LTR bottle of water at my desk daily and I do two of them a day, not counting what I drink at home. Do a 1200 calorie intake you will notice a difference!

          • Ya, my calorie budget right now is 1370, based on my current weight, goal weight, and how many lbs I want to lose per week(2lbs). Im seriously going to get water right now :) I don’t even have any at my desk…Im bad!! Thanks for the motivation :)

          • and one other thing if you are really in the mood for something sweet buy a bag of gummy bears, I have them locked in my desk and I am allowed 12 which is 130 calories if I really need a pick me up during the day.

  3. I’m great at goals. Terrible at accountability. I highly recommend the in person weight watchers meetings. They make me accountable… an app didn’t. I lost 15 pounds in three months and plan to rejoin to lose my last 10. I tried it on my own with just the app but the app didn’t frown at me when I gained weight. Good luck. :-)

  4. Food diary helps. I use excel to track calories, fat, protein and carnal by % of what I eat. Really reels me in. But what works even better is not buying any of the crap I like to eat. Then its not here to choose from!

  5. I don’t use a calorie counter, just common sense. However, if you have an android phone, there are diet plans or calorie counter apps available.
    Utilize web sites that have “planned” diets as well.

    I could weigh less as well but I choose to lie to myself and be happy that I haven’t gained any more weight after losing 10 pounds … I am now trying to eat more proteins and less carbs!! I just put in 8 miles today and burned 857 calories!!!

    • I have common sense, it’s the self discipline I seem to be lacking. I need something to help hold me accountable, besides my waist! To each his own though :)

      • LOL, pick a tight pair of jeans and squeeze your butt into them and then keep “trying” to fit into them!! I find that is motivation for me bc Muffin Top should be left on desserts/treats :)

  6. My husband, who is on a low-sodium, low-cholesterol diet, uses a website called He says it’s made a huge change in his habits, because before he goes to get a soda or a snack, he looks it up on the site, and ends up looking for a healthier alternative. He’s also lost about 15 pounds since the first of the year using it. Good luck!

  7. All the apps listed above are good, sometimes it’s just finding that one that is just right for you (everyone has preferences) Spark People also has a good/easy tool to investigate. I think it’s free too. For the longest time, I tracked mine on a good old fashioned excel spreadsheet that would tabulate everything I wanted it too :)

  8. I’ve used Livestrong before and that one works pretty well and is easy to use. However, I had the most success when I kept a physical diary. Not sure why, but having to go through they physical effort of writing would always make me question something before I ate it. It also helped force into my memory how many calories certain things were so much so that I still have a catalog of them in my mind. Exercise is key and is great for so many health reasons, but cutting calories is the only thing that will really help you lose. I think people greatly underestimate what they eat and underestimate what they do.
    In the end, however you choose to track, it will help you cut out bad things and get to a point where you don’t even crave them. I haven’t had a soda or eaten at a Wendy’s, McDonalds, etc for years – even smelling it makes me sick now.
    Also – always have a cheat day…you need to give yourself a break every now and then – and you will eventually not need it as much.
    Good luck!

  9. Dot.Lisa says:

    Forgot to note that has an app. It you have an iPhone or android. Its best to have an app so that you can track all day long from anywhere

  10. thewondermya says:

    Hi there ! I tried tacking for years and regularly gave up on it. If i am to track now I don;t use expensive softwares or app, I just write it down in my diary or blog. Also I take pictures when I don;t feel like writing and keep a record of the day. To stop a bad eating week or couple of weeks I aim for nurishing food I really really like and cook myself one of those,e ven if it is not healthy just to stop the bad energy and catch up with myself, usually after that meal I feel better, more calm and I am able to upgrade my healthy choices to the point I am really eating good. We are all different tough and we all have to find our own way to do it.

  11. Dot.Lisa says:

    I use Calorie King but it’s 69.00 for the first year and $19 subsequent years. I never paid 69 because I joined in 2002 when it was free. They do not have an app that will track your food. They have an app but as far as I can see, it does nothing for logging has been very helpful and that is free. Check that out. It even has a scanner that scans the barcode and tells you the nutrition facts. They also have a little social feed like Facebook.

    Currently I am using the Weight Watcher’s app and online. THIS cost me $56.00 up front for the first 3-months but will cost me $16.00 per month after 3-months. I don’t care about the cost because right now the plan is working and just logged 6.2-lbs gone.

  12. I also use MyFitnessPal.. it is great. I haven’t been logging recently do to losing internet at my house, but I have it back and am about to start logging again. It is really great and has helped me out a ton! It really works!

    Do I cheat my diary? I try hard not too, and I don’t eat anything without logging it but deep down I know I “undersize” a few of the things that I don’t measure or weigh. The stuff I measure I know is dead on, some of the other stuff might be 1.5 servings instead of 1, but it still has worked wonders for me. I’ve lost over 40 pounds since October of last year.

    Good luck! I know you will kick it in the butt!

  13. I don’t use it all the time…but when I DO use it, has been really helpful. They have a smart phone app too, which is awesome on the go. I thought I was doing alright but then I logged my food for a day just for kicks and I was horrified to see how many calories I was actually consuming! Food is so tricky. Even when you eat the “good” stuff, it’s easy to go overboard and not even realize it. I highly recommend keeping a food log. I have a friend who has used Spark People and she swears by it, too. It doesn’t matter where you’re logging it, as long as you are! It makes you accountable when you have to actually see it all spread out in front of you. Good luck!

  14. I have a FitBit I wear everyday, I have the capability of tracking calories (as well as the calories burned during the day). Logging food does work as long as you are logging ALL of it (I’m way guilty of not doing all of it). I function better on a rather strict diet, however, I know not everyone else works that way!

  15. Angie Bullock says:

    Well, right now I’m tracking with, because I’m doing weight watchers. ;-)

    Before that, I was using and I liked it a lot. I will probably go back to that once I hit my goal and don’t want to pay a monthly fee for’s online tools.

    As for being honest, I actually find myself being extremely honest with my tracking, so instead of eating that handful of M&Ms and not tracking them, I find myself NOT eating them, because I don’t want to track them!

    Not everyone is the same, but I am extremely analytical and anal retentive, so tracking is like a game to me.

    In the end = not tracking means eating horrible, while tracking = success.

    Good luck!

  16. I really need to get in shape and change my horrible diet. Ever since I came back in Asia, majority the food I eat is meat and rice. Very little veggie and fruits…Now that I am unemployed, I will have time to figure that out before I go back in the work force.

  17. I log everything I eat on There are other sites like it. It is easy and becomes a habbit if you stick with it for a bit. You enter what you ate and it matches it to a data base and gives you the calories perserving and you enter the number of servings.

    Easy. You can also add food that are not in the data base.

    It works GREAT for me. I also recomend the FITBIT for tracking the calories you are burning during the day.


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