Healthy and 100 bucks richer

Some of the best benefits my company offers, are health benefits. Today in my office we had a team of nurses facilitating free “Health Screenings”.  I didn’t really feel like getting screened, but it was a small break from work, and my company is paying me $100.00 to do it. How could I say no? The $100.00 goes into my health savings account, so it’s also tax-free. Win-Win.

I am really glad I went. Several months ago when I was at my doctor’s office for a check up, they weighed me(YIKES), and took my temperature and blood pressure, as usual. The nurse showed the doctor my blood pressure results and they ordered me to lay down because I needed an EKG immediately. Yes, 24 years old and I was about to stroke out. Getting put on blood pressure medicine at such a young age was the first sign that I needed to get healthier. Although I certainly wasn’t fat then, and never have been(just a bit heavy since pregnancy), I realized what I eat, and my sedentary lifestyle, were going to kill me. Call me naive, but I thought you had to be obese or really chunky to have numbers so high. At the time, I just didn’t know any better.

I took my prescription until the bottle ran out, and began exercising – as I’ve been documenting in this blog. I’ve since run two 5k’s, and hit the gym regularly. I never got the prescription filled.

I’m proud to say my blood pressure today(off med’s for a while now), was 138/88. This is the best BP I’ve ever had. You’re welcome Mom..You can stop worrying about me now :)

My cholesterol is also perfect, the good as well as the bad.

All this focusing on eating better and moving, really has made a difference. Just thought I’d share!


7 thoughts on “Healthy and 100 bucks richer

  1. Congratulations on making healthy changes in your life and the money. My company does the same thing. I just got a glowing report from them and they even asked me if they could do a story on my weight loss journey over the last year. I’m running my first 5 k in three weeks. Excited but nervous about it. So happy for your success.

    • Wow congratulations!!! That is awesome, and you are going to LOVE the 5k. They are so much fun :) good luck, can’t wait to hear how you do!


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