My Secret For Healthy Skin

For as long as I can remember, people have been commenting to me about my complexion. I was never the kid with a face full of zits, and I’ve always had a very even skin tone.  Skin is just something that I’ve always been interested in, and when I grow up, I still want to be an Estitician. This adolescent dream is the one and only dream that has not changed as I’ve aged. Some day it will happen.

Growing up, there is one thing I remember most about my moms bathroom. It is her bottle of Oil of Olay facial lotion, and it sat on a beautiful small plate that her great-grandmother had painted decades ago, among her pearl earings, rings, and other little accessories. Like the rings she set there every evening, in the morning it was part of her routine of things to  put on as she got ready. She still uses it.

I remember using it as a young kid, and thinking it was odd that it sort of burned, or tingled my cheeks. It doesn’t do that anymore, and to be honest I’m not sure why it ever did, but I remember it.

I firmly believe what you wash your face with is not important. Warm water alone, with a gentle wash cloth is probably the most effective anti-aging face wash, but if you use soaps or scrubs, so be it. The true key to healthy skin is moisture. Sure everybody has different skin types, but they all need to be hydrated to stay healthy. If you are hard pressed to try something new, and have never tried Oil of Olay Complete, just know that I give it credit for being the single-handed reason why I don’t own a concealer, and most importantly, why I don’t need to.


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