Daily Dose – I Needed This



4 thoughts on “Daily Dose – I Needed This

  1. I see in your header above you mention Urban Outfitters. I just learned something today.
    And, and by the way, Urban Outfitters is being sued by the Navajo Tribe in federal court because they are breaking federal law for selling items listed in as “Navajo”. It’s against an old and new federal law to proclaim something is “Navajo” (or any Indian tribe) when it is not–Indian Arts and Crafts Act 1936 and 1990 :-) Yet they continue to do so because (not exactly their words, but a summation of their argument):
    1. it’s a popular line, the style is “in”
    2. 24 other companies are doing the same thing, we should be able to as well
    (My class just did a presentation on this today–I’ll never shop at Urban Outfitters!) :-) Pass it on.
    Still taking advantage of American Indians after all these years!


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