It’s Thursday, but it’s also my Friday, and I’m dressed in my Sunday’s best.

I am wearing high heels today(which literally NEVER happens). I think I might start walking on the treadmill in these babies. My calves are burning.

I know you guys are probably wondering what the hell this post is even about, so I guess I better get to the point before you go reading elsewhere..

Now that I have a gym membership to a facility with a built-in day care, I no longer find myself having to come up with work outs on my living room floor, while watching Dora The Explorer. For those of you without this luxury however, here is something you can try today, tomorrow, or the next time you get up off the couch. I did this when I woke up today, because Lilly was still sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her to go to the Gym. Plus we still have our cold germs.

100 Jumping Jacks – This one is a ball buster and makes me sad. When I was in 5th grade I could do 10000 Jumping Jacks. Now 100 is my absolute max.

25 Vertical Leg Crunches – These bring back awful flashbacks of my high school Dance class.

30 Crunches – Piece of cake!

20 Squats – Can we go in the honesty bubble for a quick sec? I only did 10, but it’s the thought that counts. Or something like that.

15 Second side plank (each side) – Kill me now. But they hurt so good.

5 Jump Squats – I wanted to try these after watching people in the Gym do them. Not sure how I feel about them.

40 High Knees – These were the end of me. I probably should have repeated the entire workout one more time, but I was to busy dying.



3 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. Tough workout! High knees kill me too and I always feel like thy shouldn’t! I’m actually considering canceling my gym membership because I find myself working out at home way more than the gym.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about high knees!! Personally, I love the Gym way more than my living room LOL. Between the dog, cat, and toddler, I concentrate way more there.


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