Random Sentences

There are Coyotes all over my new neighborhood. This makes the thought of jogging outdoors a tad scary. I know they are timid of humans, but I don’t really feel like running past one. Okay, that was a long sentence.

I have been eating SO bad lately.

No really


I forgot to pay my gym dues the other day. It’s paid now.

I still have these damn allergies.

We are so busy at work. I can tell they are about to start mandatory over-time. Last year the mandatory OT lasted about 5 months. Can’t wait! NOT.

AMEX has unblocked Twitter from our work computers. This made today the best day of my life. If you’re not already, follow @wifwwa.

My co-workers daughter has still not been found. Please visit www.bringavahome.com to read more about her.

I have another 5k this month. It will be my third. I’m doing it with Dani again.

I’m on an avocado kick lately. I can’t get enough.

I want to start a vegetarian diet, however I’ve already made plans with my stomach to cook a pot roast this weekend. So I don’t really know what to do about that.

Are any of you vegetarians? If so, are you the kind that eats seafood?

 I can’t NOT eat seafood.

Is it worth it? What are your thoughts? Talk amongst yourselves…


8 thoughts on “Random Sentences

  1. I have been a vegan who cheats and eats cheese for a year now. As difficult as it is to eat salads or fried appetizers when we eat out, I would never go back to eating meat. I miss the taste of seafood but won’t go there and when you think about what an egg REALLY is? Well, nuff said. I love my veggies and I feels zillion times better than before. I did it for moral not health treasons, butts allthe same.

  2. Pick up a copy of “Laurel’s Kitchen,” if you don’t already have one. I’m not a vegetarian, but I use the things I learned from reading it constantly, especially now that my husband is on a low-sodium diet. Good stuff, tasty stuff, healthy stuff — it’s just a terrific reference.

  3. We’ve been veggie for years – 8 years – since I had my kids. I’ve been a vegetarian that eats fish – it does make it much easier to eat something “healthy” at restaurants from the menu. Otherwise you are stuck with a large salad or the cheesy pasta dish that is totally not good for you. However, I’m finding more and more that fish does not appeal to me. I think overtime my tastes are just changing and I don’t really want it anymore. For me it’s always been easy – I don’t miss pot roast. Kids are vegetarian too. Hubby – a closet vegetarian. He only eats vegetarian at home. :)

  4. I’ve been all kinds of vegetarian! The kind that didn’t eat seafood and most recently before going the vegan route, the kind that did. You’ll get a lot of flack about how you’re not a “real” vegetarian from people that want to heckle you, but forget them. Or just harass them right back about how you’re healthier than they are. :) If you have any questions, I can help! So many restaurants have vegetarian options, especially if you’re still eating fish. I definitely miss lemon sauteed tilapia. And shrimp dejonge. mmm.


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