Proof You Don’t Have To Be Skinny To Be Gorgeous

This is Kaela Humphries

She is a true size 16/18


She just signed with Ford Models – Plus Size Division

And isn’t she beautiful?


8 thoughts on “Proof You Don’t Have To Be Skinny To Be Gorgeous

  1. She’s beautiful, there’s no doubt about that, but is that healthy? When I was a size 16 I couldn’t classify myself as healthy.

    It’s not about fat or skinny, it’s not about size 4 (I have friends who’re and they’re fit/healthy at size 4) or size 18.

    It is actually about being healthy.

    • Sorry – entire blog is about. But to me, being happy and loving yourself, is even more important. It’s not okay for a woman who is over weight to believe that she isn’t beautiful, and a few of my readers have been experiencing the pain and self loathing that can accompany being “big”. This post is for them. She may not be healthy, but my god she is gorgeous.

      • I agree I think when you are a 16/18 you do need to make the realization that you’re beautiful before you take the steps to make changes to be more healthy.

        I started by working on ‘loving me’, looking in the mirror everyday and saying I was gorgeous (even when I didn’t believe it), eventually I started believing it and it changed my confidence.

        Best of luck to your readers I hope she gives them the confidence they crave.


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