My Walking Partner

Now I can go walking, or for a quick jog


With her company.


Hopefully if need be, she’ll keep me safe.


You know – from Coyotes, stranger danger,


And the dark.

Meet Bahama. And nevermind that suitcase in the background. She’s not going anywhere.


4 thoughts on “My Walking Partner

  1. That’s awesome!! I bring one of my dogs running (errrr.. jogging slowly). It’s pretty much the best thing ever – she looks so happy while we’re out. Then, when she gets home, she races into my bedroom and dramatically flops on the bed. It makes me feel like I rocked my workout!

  2. You: “My! What big feet you have, Bahama!”

    Bahama: “The better to walk with you, my dear!”

    She is beautiful! I foresee many happy days of walking and talking together. She also looks like a sweetheart. She might be a pushover for strangers. . .you’ll have to teach her “Sic ’em!”

    Cheers, and walking and petting enough. . .


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