Skinny Summer

Considering our winter weather has been nearly in the 80’s this year, I’m sure our summer will be a scorcher. Here in the desert, minimum is key when dressing in the summertime. As a travel agent for the rich and famous, I must admit my job includes some pretty perks. Last summer my fondest memory includes me sitting by the pool with some co-workers at a lush resort here just outside town, while sipping the most delicious Prickly Pear Margaritas you ever could imagine – ice cold I might add. This summer, I plan on doing the same thing, on a weekendly basis. Last summer I looked frumpy at the bar. This summer, I’m going to WOW in resort chic attire, and my confidence is going to be through the roof. Who am I kidding? Swim up bars don’t have roofs.


4 thoughts on “Skinny Summer

  1. I love Prickly Pear Margaritas ! Good for you! I have a newfound lust for working out so I too hope swimsuit season will be kind to me. I may even need new swimsuits when I reach my goal.


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