Healthy by Nature

One of my favorite blogs, written by a girl named Andie (which you can read right here), has been making my heart ache lately. You see Andie has decided to move to Costa Rica and experience La Pura Vida, and it reminds me so much of my experience in Hawaii.

 My moving there was the result of being stuck in a rut, and running away. I had never been there before, and didn’t know anybody there. I bought myself a one-way ticket and on my 22nd Birthday I flew away. I flew away to find myself. To live as purely as possible. And I did just that. I came home tan, healthy, and with a body I would kill for now. I ate Papaya for breakfast, the juiciest mangos I never even knew existed. Well I knew mangos existed, but I had no clue they could be that luscious. Also, the sweetest pineapple I’ve ever tasted. Freshly speared fish, etc. Everything I consumed, with the exception of Taco Tuesdays, was natural, fresh, organic, and pure as could be. Not to mention, I was walking at least 8 miles a day. Walking does a number on a body, let me tell you that. I was taken in by the most loving family one could ever hope to meet, and I was truly in the most positive place I’d ever been.


When I got back to Arizona, and at the height of my healthiest being, I got pregnant. Figures. Just kidding! Now it was ice cream every day, giving into every craving that my mind conjured up. There went that hot body. Out the window, and I haven’t seen that girl since. I am fully aware that it’s possible to live the way I did in Maui, while I’m here in Arizona. However, it doesn’t come as naturally. We don’t have mango trees, or fresh fish. Things are so spread out here, I could never [safely] walk 8 miles a day here. Not to mention that the majority of the year it’s over 100 degrees outside. I can’t do Yoga on the beach here.

The family that took me in, still hold such a strong place in my heart. Every day I think about each and every one of them. How much I miss them, love them, and how thankful I am to them for allowing me to find myself – under the comfort of their own roof. I’m homesick.

Andie, If you’re reading this – soak in everything about Costa Rica. Take full advantage of how easy it is to be healthy there. Let yourself glisten in the sun, get whipped by the sand, and eat as much papaya as you can for me – In fact, cut one in half, de-seed it, and fill the hole with fresh yogurt and granola. And then eat that for me. 



4 thoughts on “Healthy by Nature

  1. this is beautiful. i think one of the biggest struggles in life is how to balance being the most ideal version of ourselves with the demands of reality…

    also, i’ve been meaning to comment on a few of your latest posts and just haven’t had the time, but i’ve been cheering for you and nodding my head in “i hear ya” mode along with you, too. you’ve also been motivating me, so thank you.

    • “i think one of the biggest struggles in life is how to balance being the most ideal version of ourselves with the demands of reality… ” AMEN SISTER!!

      Thanks for your kind words, I’m glad I’ve been able to motivate you.


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