Greatest Feeling Ever – 5k

Let me start this story off by telling you all a fact:

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GO! – Is the worst time EVER to realize you have to pee.

A couple of months ago I registered for this race  what I thought would be my first ever 5k. Then I got a bit ahead of myself, and ended up doing an impromptu 5k last month instead. You can read about that race right here. It took me almost exactly an hour to cross the finish line last month.  In the past several weeks since that run, I’ve been working out consistently, but I do admit I’d been slacking BIG TIME in the running department. By slacking, I mean hardly running at all. So this past Friday night I was worrying like crazy that I wouldn’t be able to successfully participate Saturday Morning in the Walk in the Wild 5k at The Phoenix Zoo. I was sure I’d come in last. Even more worrisome? I’d convinced one of my life long friends, Dani, to run it with me. Let’s just say she’s in better shape than me. This was going to be embarrassing.

Since I ran The Color Run all by myself, and met my family and friends at the finish line, it was a lot more fun having Dani with me this time. The girl is a machine. A monster. If you’ve never been to The Phoenix Zoo, then you don’t know that there are a ton of steep up-hill areas. SHE MADE ME RUN UP THEM. She was not taking “I’m just gonna walk for a bit” as an answer. I asked her if her calves were burning, and when she said no, I almost tripped her. She practically danced through the finish line, without a sweat bead to be found on her forehead. I practically collapsed at the finish line. My hair, soaking wet.

But you know what made me want to plant a big fat kiss on her lips? When we were walking over to the bathroom right when we finished and she said, “Dang girl, we did that in exactly 30 minutes”. Thats right you guys!!!

30 Minutes!! 

I would have never finished in 30 minutes without her there. Thank you Dani!!

Moral of this story – if you don’t have an accountability partner, then get one.


24 thoughts on “Greatest Feeling Ever – 5k

  1. Congrats! My husband ran my first 5k with me and totally made it that much better! We both finished in 36 minutes it was a great first race! You have come so far and are doing wonderful! Congrats again!

  2. Wow! Fantastic, and impressive improvement! And doesn’t having an accountability partner help so much? Last year, I started training for a 5k in the last week of October, and ran the 5k on the day after Thanksgiving. Then a 10k on New Year’s Day (great way to start the year, right? :)), and then a 15k around Valentine’s Day…all with a friend on the other side of the country–we both ran them with a bluetooth in, chatting (or sometimes just breathing heavily) the whole way. :) I know I couldn’t have done it without her.

  3. Congrats! I recently decided to start training for a 5k. I’m in terrible shape and SUCK at running but this post has motivated me :) Totally important to have a partner–I’m making my bf do the run with me! Nice job!!

    • You can do it! I only started running/working out the beginning of December. Even if you run/walk/run then walk a little more, it doesn’t matter!! Just getting out there and doing it will make you feel amazing. Aftertime you will be able to run further, and do them faster :) Good luck!

  4. Congratulations!! That is an outstanding time. Dani may have pushed you, And in doing so she helped you uncover the potential you have! 5K runs can be tough, they are short enough that you can push all out – it will be over in 3 miles. That is also a long enough distance to hate the fact your lungs are burning. Great job!

    • YES! Plus with the super cold air it made my lungs hurt so much more! But she really did bring out my potential :) It was a great feeling to know that we were done and it was only 30 minutes later :)

      • The big challenge will be to run one on your own and push yourself. The motivation could be to hear her in your head, tell friends and family what you want to do so you will keep at it and not give up, or pick someone on the course you want to speed up and pass. You can do it!

        • Yeah I make sure I tell everybody (including all of my readers) so that I’m always held accountable, but after having Dani push me the whole way, now I know what I’m capable of so there won’t be any excuses when I’m training alone :)

  5. Reply: Adele is truly amazing and sure, she might be a bit thicker, but I just like that, as you put it: she’s a real woman and on that picture that I found from the Grammy’s she looks normal and not that thick at all, in my opinion. Why does everything have to be about weight? I

  6. Wow, that’s really great! Congrats.

    Your blog is really nice and I admire your strength! I saw that you started following my blog, which I really appreciated, I hope you’ll continue to read it (if you use Google Chrome, you can translate the page, not that it’s always working 100%) and feel free to comment too.



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