I’m Sure You’re Dying To Know…

If you follow me on Facebook or twitter, you know that this morning was my first ever spin class. Cycle class. Hell on wheels class. Whatever you want to call it class. You would also know that if you read my last blog post.

 What you don’t know however, unless you do indeed follow me on Facebook is that 30 minutes into said spin class, I barfed.

Facebook is a great way for you to keep up with the hilarity of my real life, in real-time. So if you’re not following me, you may be missing out on important details, like me vomiting. Just sayin’…

Spinning is no joke, folks. That shit is haaaard to keep up with. Granted it wasn’t until after I left the class 20 minutes prior to it ending to throw up and try to lose that faint feeling that was taking over my body, that I found out the gym offers a cycle 101 class. That would be for beginners. That is not the one I took. Ahem.




12 thoughts on “I’m Sure You’re Dying To Know…

  1. Spinning is indeed hard! I’ve figured out to park it in front of the fan, to not feel obligated to keep up with the people that have been spinning for years, and to feel good that I’m not laying on the couch watching Star Trek! Good for you! Look at it this way, no one will crowd you any more!

  2. Nancy jo says:

    dont be afraid to go back. But you might want to go to the 101 class. I can’t wait to hear about Zumba! I have heard it is a great fun workout.

  3. Totally understandable. I am finally coming around to the thought of going to do another spinning class. In total I think I’ve only done two in my entire life. They are SERIOUS man. Those spin instructors are hardcore!

    • Yeah they are! She kept staring at me and I felt like she was totally judging me(I know she probably wasn’t – and instead was probably just staring at me because she could tell I was near death haha). I’m going to try Zumba tomorrow though. Hopefully that goes better :)

  4. OMG I am 100% sure if I stayed in that room for even 1 second longer I would have hit the floor too!! I was so embarrassed to walk out, but I knew at that point I wasn’t giving up – I just had hit my personal wall. I’m kind of scared to go back haha!

  5. I almost died in a spin class. Well, to be fair, I was nauseated, stopped riding, and then the sudden drop in my blood pressure caused me to collapse to the floor and nearly pass out. It was nuts. You’re hardcore!


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