Channeling Things I Love

After my attempt at a spin class this morning, I remembered something I read a while back. It said something to the effect of abs start in the kitchen, not the gym. Obviously I have plenty of other areas of my body to finely tune before I start worrying about my abs, but the point is still valid. I left the gym and went straight to the grocery store to stock up on produce, and to start really taking this eating healthy thing seriously. I want to start eating as much “real” food as possible. I bought fresh lettuce, every kind of berry they had, alfalfa sprouts, avocados, limes, lemons, garlic, tomatoes, fresh corn, provolone cheese, and some new Tupperware. When I got home I decided I would make a big salad, and then ration it into smaller Tupperware to take with me to work. Since I’m at work for lunch, and dinner, I made sure to bring two servings with me today.

If there is one thing about eating salads that KILLS me, it’s the fact that in order for them to be healthy, they shouldn’t be drenched in dressing. I adore wet salads though. I had to find a way to let my salad swim, without busting my gut.

First I made fresh Guacamole – if there is anything I’ve learned from all my years in Arizona, it’s how to make good Guac. For todays serving I used:

2 avocados

2 garlic cloves

1 tomato

1 lime

I de-seeded the tomatoes and chopped finely, then added to a bowl. Then I chopped up the garlic into very fine pieces as well, and added to the tomatoes. Next came the avocado, I scooped out all the meat into the bowl, and then used a large fork to coursely mash it all together. Once the guac was nicely mashed, I cut my lime in half and squeezed it over top, and gave it a good stir. I put the guac in its own little Tupperware.

For the salad:

1 head of romaine

1 ear of corn – still on the cob

1 slice of provolone

1 handful of alfalfa sprouts

I chopped the romaine gently, then I took the corn and held it facing downwards, and skinned it into the bowl with a sharp knife. I then chopped up my 1 slice of cheese, and threw in the sprouts. I put the lid on the Tupperware, gave it a big shake, and then rationed out 2 servings to take with me.

For the dressing I used aged balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil. It really leaves me guilt free, and provides a lot of moisture to an otherwise dry salad.

Once at work, for my lunch serving, I put a generous dollop of guacamole on top of my salad, and poured on my oil and vinegar. This was by far one of the most delicious, simple salads that I’ve had in a long time. If you’re like me, and you believe cheese should be a part of every meal, then using 1 slice is also guilt free. when you cut it up, and ration it over a large amount of salad, it’s barely there, yet just satisfying enough.



5 thoughts on “Channeling Things I Love

  1. Guacamole recipe…yippee !!!

    You don’t know how excited I am to see this. We have been buying Wholly guacamole and we love it. Every time I buy it I use a coupon, but the coupons have run out and I am ready to start making it on my own. I can’t wait to go shopping and try this.

    • If you want the most AH-MAZING guacamole in the whole entire world(and if youre not really worried about it being super healthY), then use that recipe, but add a spoonfull of cottage cheese. Might sounds gross – but its the best.


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