I can’t stand when I hear people say ValentiMe’s Day

I digress.

If you’ve ever been out of shape before then you know what its like to feel like you’re not pretty enough, not good enough, etc. Although it seems as if I have never been without a Valentine, I know that feeling all to well. I know what it’s like to not be wanted – and I know how it feels to know that my weight is the reason why. People can think whatever they want about that, but in a high number of cases, it’s the truth. People are shallow. Hell, I am shallow. Lucky for me though, I married a man who loves me no matter what. I’ve tried to date as a chunky girl, and I’ve dated as a thin girl. Also, as a pregnant girl. The world can be cruel.

Watching guys fly by like cars out my window while I’m driving has taught me a great deal about what I deserve. One thing is for certain, I’ve never been one to settle. In fact, the moment you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for. From the outside looking in, some of my boyfriends have seemed like perfection. People never could understand why I would break up with so and so, or why I would leave so and so behind to move 3,000 miles away so I could just do me for a little while. It’s because I truly believe, from the very heart of me, that every girl/woman is a Princess. There is no reason to accept less. You deserve the most. Once you start believing that, and I mean truly, honestly, believing that – it will find you, I swear – from experience. You can’t attract the things you lack.

Although I know already that Dan loves me unconditionally, getting in shape again for him and Lilly is so important to me. It’s hard being the fun wife and fun mom that I know I have the potential to be, while I’m constantly feeling heavy, tired, and unsexy. That’s what this journey, and blog is all about.

So if you are on a weight loss journey, and especially if you’re feeling sad on this Valentine’s Day because love hasn’t found you yet, just remember you are AH-MAZING and it doesn’t mean you have to be skinny to find love – as I have often felt years ago. There is somebody out there for everyone, keep your chin up, and I promise love will find you.


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