Get It Gurrrrl

The building I used to live in had a small fitness facility which I used quite often the past two months. Since moving I’ve kind of been at a loss for what to do fitness-wise.  Sure I could always run outside, but we kind of live on the edge of the desert, and Dan and I have both already seen one coyote. I’m not trying to get eatin’ by some rabid wild animal.  

Yesterday when I was working surfing the internet, I decided to Google gyms in my zip code. What do you know, there is one literally right across the street from me! I kept an eye out on my drive home last night because I hadn’t noticed it before, and there it was – right in the corner of the shopping center. I told Dan firmly last night that this morning I was taking us over there to get some memberships. I mean why not? We are adults after all. I feel like all adults should have some kind of membership; whether it be the Zoo, Costco, whatever. Just something.  He thought I was nuts, but I told him I was going to make it happen.

As expected, he totally tried to pull the lazy card on me this morning but I whipped his butt in shape and he tagged along.  I could tell he was trying to hide his excitement as he learned that they have child care, over 80 different classes each week, and his all time favorite thing – an indoor basketball court. For me, it’s obviously the child care – which Lilly loved and got to try out while we took our tour, the juice bar, the fact that each piece of equipment has a TV built-in, which also lets you moniter said child care on channel 2,  all of the morning yoga classes, and a cycle class that takes place in a pitch black room – with soft black lighting, and they watch a movie on a big screen. I can’t wait to try that one. Why aren’t all classes in the dark? So much less intimidating, right?

I made Dan admit to me how important having this membership is, which he did of course. A happy wife means a happy life. Due to our jacked up, opposite work schedules, we can’t do our fitness assessment until next Monday morning. That isn’t going to stop me from going to Yoga tomorrow, though. I’m going to use the shit out of this membership, and I can’t wait!


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