This map is really blurry, I know. It still will get my point across.

Here is a KEY:

Yellow dot: Dan’s work

Green dot: My work

Red dot: Old house

Blue dot: New house

They may not look far apart, but they are. We’ve only been in the new house for a week, and it is totally worth it. Granted we are far from our friends, family, and well, life as we knew it, we really are loving it.

I had this past week off work so I could stay at home with Lilly, help her get adjusted to the new digs, and so that I could sit on my ass and eat bon-bons in front of the TV everyday wait at home every day for packages to arrive. Monday, cable guy. Tuesday, my amazing black and white chevron rug. Wednesday, the most fabulous couches(thank god). Thursday, window cutains and an awesome shower curtain. Friday, nothing. Saturday, hang curtains and reupholster dining room chairs.

I once read somewhere that every 4-5 weeks or so of working out and eating right, it’s okay to take an entire week off. This was probably written by somebody who takes a lot of weeks off, and who probably has yet to accomplish any life changing goals because well – it sounds like something my fat lazy self would say. Either way, that’s what I did. I did manage to eat pretty good all week, but last night I ate about twice my weight in Teppanyaki and threw back an embarrassing amount of Sake Bombs. It was a rare, baby free night. What did you expect me to do?

Today I found out that there is a MountainSide Fitness right next to my house. I’m going tomorrow to get the hubs and I some memberships. I was planning on jogging around my neighborhood this week, but then I saw a coyote and was like NEVERMIND.





5 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Haha…you sound like me. I live in the middle of the forest and hear all sorts of critters…and see them. I’ve seen panther and bobcats in my yard, and heard coyotes and wolves…seen bear tracks less than a 1/2 mile away, and saw a bear 2 miles away…so, yeah…and the 4-5 weeks thing? Also something I’d say. I don’t do it, though, thankfully! I do wind up sicker than I’d like though, much more so when I’m going hardcore at the work-outs, which tells me I DO need to take more time off, though…but a day-at-a-time, not a whole week! Anyhow…let us know how the Mountainside fitness thing goes (and is it a gym, or something else)?

    • It’s a gym – I signed up this morning for a membership. It seems amazing so far, but tomorrow I am going to my first yoga class, or cycle class…still havent decided which one to try there first!!

      • Have fun! The only gym membership I’ve ever had before was the one at college…so I’ve never taken any fitness classes. I always think about it, but it’s never in the budget, since I can do all the training from home. Oh, well. Maybe some day. Anyhow, let us know what you do, the funny moments, and how it goes! :)

  2. I’m on a forced “week off”. At least I hope it’s only a week off. I can maybe see the logic of a week off after eight or ten weeks, but yeah that four to five weeks thing is SO something I would say to justify my own lack of desire to work out!


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