Love Affaire

Well actually it’s called The Chocolate Affaire, but I love chocolate and I’m the boss of this blog so I get to call it whatever I want. Seriously though, HOLD ME BACK. Thank the freaking Lord that I was busy all weekend, and that I’m stuck at work all day today, because this girl wants to get chocolate wasted. In a really unhealthy way..

Every year in Glendale, Az the town holds the most ridiculous festival. Chocolate practically consumes the town, and its the most lovely experience to just walk around and try bits of this, and pieces of that, and large chunks of LOOK AT THAT STUFF OVER THERE!! 

You can make chocolate pizzas, or you can cover big plump juicy strawberries in rich dark, white, or milk chocolate. It’s a damn good thing I was busy. I would have been like, What Diet? What Health Blog? What 5k in like 10 days?


5 thoughts on “Love Affaire

    • I don’t know?!!? Let me know if you want to get chocolate wasted with me next year… missing it this year has just caused way to much sadness in my chocolate loving heart.

  1. thewondermya says:

    Hi there !

    I am a reformed choccoholic or I hope so, lol !
    I switched to ultra black chocolate, at least 72 % of cocoa or even 86 % and it changed everything. It is a lot more intense and filling.
    To make it work I allowed myself 4 squares many times a week with a glass of soy milk to make it like the ultimate treat for me. After a month I am now eating a lot less, I struggle finishing the block I had started, I had to push myself through it. I still love chocolate but aim for the top quality, the extra dark one… All the best to you !


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