You know what’s totally juvenile, yet still managed to kick my ass?

Jumping Jacks.

How embarrassing!  I wasn’t able to get out today to go on any kind of run, but I didn’t want be completely lazy. I needed something quick and effective that could be done in my living room, so I turned to Pinterest and clicked on “Fitness”. Here is what I found:

Jumping Jacks are a lot harder today, than they were in 5th grade – which has to be the last time I did one. I must say though, even after doing this quick, fairly easy work out, my day is already off to a better start. It’s true when they say you’ll never regret it when you do it, but you’ll always regret it when you don’t.


9 thoughts on “Awkward

  1. Wow…that may not take a lot of time…but 100 jumping jacks without stopping? Intense! I did them for 60 seconds straight during circuit training the other day, and thought I was going to die…ah, to be 10-years-old again!

    • OMG tell me about it! I seriously felt super pathetic about how hard it was!! I don’t know why, maybe because when I was younger I could do jumping jacks all day long – but I thought 100 would be no big deal. I WAS WRONG.

      • Right? I thought: “Oh, this will be good. I’ll do jumping jacks for 3-4 minutes at a time as part of my circuit training every Wed & Fri.” Um…okay, maybe 60 seconds twice in those 30+ minute sessions! Sheesh…when did 30 get OLD?


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