Slacking and Stella McCartney

Maybe it’s my work schedule, maybe its being a mom, maybe its the fact that we’re using all of our free time house shopping, or maybe its Maybelline. All I know is I need to kick it into gear. When I say it, I’m referring to my motivation – or lack thereof. It’s so much easier said than done. I did get a great boost of confidence, motivation, whatever you want to call it, the other day when I wore a skirt to work that is a size smaller than my usual. GLEAMING – that’s what I was doing all day. I looked good, and I knew it. Days like that make it all worth while. I plan in the near future on splurging on some really cute work out clothes. It’s purely psychological, but I’m pretty sure if I have new clothes to exercise in, I’m going to want to go out and do it that much more. Plus I have The Color Run coming up this Saturday. That demands a new plain-white-tee. Obviously. I hope I’m not alone in thinking new clothes are going to get me pumped, but if I am – so be it! I’m thinking something along the lines of this:

Which one of you knew about Stella McCartney for Adidas, and didn’t tell me?! Shame on you.


4 thoughts on “Slacking and Stella McCartney

  1. kateri says:

    I read a great quote today: “Procrastination is attitude’s natural assassin. There’s nothing so fatiguing as an uncompleted task.”
    -William James

  2. Nancy jo says:

    You go girlfriend! What ever it takes is what ever it takes. You will do great on your first time out because you know you can!


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