In My Mind..

My body is like a house

Each part resembles a certain room

A certain tidy and well-organized room

That inspires each person who sees it.

Each room is meticulously decorated

with style, to-die-for.

Like every perfect home though,

Filled with rooms to adore…

There sits a room much less deserving of its surroundings.

Probably a teenagers space – You can picture the mess, I’m sure.

Having a child has made me realize that even when a part of my house is one step away from being deemed a natural disaster zone – the key word is, natural. So this is how I’m imagining my body. Each time I eat, from here on out. Each bite of healthful food that I consume, only assists in making my rooms that much more beautiful, well-rounded, and peaceful. Losing weight is a struggle, as I’m sure all who have tried can attest to. Sure you can count calories, work your ass off in the gym, and try with all your being to do it right and never cheat. We all cave at some point. It’s about changing your lifestyle. In some cases, changing everything you know about the relationship with food that you’ve had so long. Even perfect homes have a messy room. I’ve been completely unrealistic to think I can simply turn down every sweet I see, and to feel guilty about that? So unfair. So if I want a cookie, I’ll have a cookie. My junk room will get a bit more cluttered, but life will move on.

*I was inspired to write this picture post after reading – Thanks Andie


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