Fast Food

protein Box – Starbucks

We’ve all been there. Packed in the car with our hungry little kids who have been oh-so-good while you’ve been running errands all day. But now they’re starving, and you could use a little something too. Oh! What a coincidence, there is a McDonald’s! Normally, I’d whip my car into that drive thru so fast the innocent people around me wouldn’t know what hit them. Or what almost hit them. We all know there is no time for hitting things or getting in wrecks when hunger calls. We’ll save that for another time. Like when we have to go somewhere we just don’t wanna go! The other day, I found myself in this exact situation. Sort of. I pulled into McDonald’s at the first whimper of my hungry little nugget in the backseat. I sat there, staring at the menu. All the pretty pictures, staring back at me. Then an old rhyme came to mind.

A minute on your lips – forever on your hips

Yikes. I got Lilly a happy meal, and declined anything for myself. Just one problem, I was freaking hungry. I drove around wondering where I could grab a quick healthy snack. I know Starbucks is known for their calorie-ladden concoctions, and their to-die-for crumb cakes and scones. Something drew me towards the drive-thru anyways, and I liked what I found. They have a protein box, pictured above, that is absolutely delicious. It left me just the right amount of satisfied, and without feeling the least bit guilty. This is by far my new favorite go-to snack when out and about running around town. It’s quite convenient too, because like McDonald’s, Starbucks graces every other corner in this busy town.

If you don’t feel like spending about $6 bucks on this box, you can make your own, and bring them in the car with you!

1 Boiled Egg

A handful of grapes

An apple – sliced

2 tablespoons of organic almond/peanut/whateveryoulikebetter butter

2 small pieces of cheese


4 thoughts on “Fast Food

  1. that’s awesome! I’ve never been to Starbucks…the nearest one is about 40 minutes away and I’m way too cheap to even buy the good coffee at the store, let alone a $6 beverage. I have felt the same way going to fast food places but I think I really secretly deep down just loved all that food and wanted an excuse to eat it. I really do not enjoy fast food anymore and I don’t let my kids eat it, either, unless there are literally no other options.

  2. They also have egg white breakfast sandwiches / wraps which in a breakfast pinch, leave you satisfied and only a touch guilty. (actually, compared to those fattening muffins & scones, you can feel down right good about your choice!)


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