The N Word

I’ve been so NAUGHTY lately you guys!  It’s horrible!!  I’m embarrassed, really.  This past friday I drove way out east to my friend Emily’s house to spend the night with her so we could prepare for her baby shower on Saturday. By “prepare”, I mean decorate 57 monkey cupcakes. We got the idea from Pinterest, obviously. There was cake, frosting, Nilla wafers, galore.  The next day was even worse. That’s when we broke out the marshmallows, frozen bananas, strawberries, and the icing on the cake. By icing on the cake, I do not mean the frosting on our cupcakes!!. It was a freakin’ chocolate fountain!!!!  Why Emily?! And why universe?!

Here is a picture of our monkey cakes:

Although I’ve let my eating habits go to shit this past weekend, I have not thrown in the towel physically.  Friday morning I went on my first run outside. It seemed a lot harder to me than the treadmill, so I’ve vowed to only use the TM when the temperature outside reaches a level that the tar in the street gets stuck to my shoes. It happens here people, I swear. I need to get used to running outside. The un-evenness of the roads, the pace that seems impossible to keep steady.  All things I’m learning.  And like my Daily Dose, it never gets easier, but I’m sure as hell getting better. Plus it’s so beautiful here lately.  See?


5 thoughts on “The N Word

  1. I’m going to sound like such a hypocrite, since I’m just now starting to run again, but the mental challenge has always been the hardest part of running for me. Sure, there’s some physical pain involved (especially once you start running long distance – it’s semi-preventable but not completely avoidable), but it’s always the mind that gets you in the end. My trick is to load my iPod up with music that all has an underlying tempo that I’m comfortable with (some days I’m “Stayin’ Alive” and other days I’m happy to keep up with Frank Sinatra). And I always put the peppiest songs at the places where I know I’m going to naturally start to despair and talk myself into giving up, especially the mid-point and starting at the last half mile. That way even if I’m cramping, can’t breathe, everything’s on fire, I’m still able to sing along in my head and keep going. Good luck, and don’t pick up too much melty tar!

    • Thank you!! I agree, the mental part is what kills me. I get bored, or something. I don’t have an ipod, and I’ve never had any interest in owning one, until now! I’m definitely going to get one soon because I love music, and I do think it will help greatly.

      • The other way to go is if you have a smartphone, you can get a mini SD disc for it for extra memory, and load up music that way. There are several great apps that you can use to keep track of distance, time, calories burned, etc. like Runkeeper and MapMyRun. They’ll let you post or tweet your run stats if you want, which I’ve been doing because it keeps me accountable, and both work while you’re listening to music.

  2. its ok to take time off, hit the buffet line once in a while .. LOL ! reward yourself…. not with the food, but a GOOD RUN, GYM SESSION, BIKE, or SWIM Session after.. i do that once in a while.


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