What I Found While Walking Around…

…The Mall!  I’m going to start a new weekly section appropriately titled What I Found While Walking Around! Creative, I know.

If you know anything about me, it is that I am the queen of clearance shopping. No I’m not talking about Coupon-ing or anything along those lines. I’m just a good old fashion clearance rack goddess.  Seriously. Don’t believe me? Then just ask my sister Paige.  Yesterday when I told her about my latest steal she said why don’t you just blog about bargains?!  Well Paige, most people are more interested in weight loss and healthy living, than what I paid for my pants.  Since Dan, Lilly, and I already go to the mall AT LEAST once a week to walk around, I figured I’d add a weekly post to this blog for all of you who care, to let you know what great deal I found while walking around.  That way if there is a store near you, you can stop in and grab what you want! But you better hurry, I might have already beat you to it.

This is what I found while walking around yesterday, at New York and Company.

The Corduroy Bootcut Pant – Grey

These puppies were originally $49.95 but I snagged them for just $9.99.  Hello pantalones, come to mama! Just to give you guys a taste of what I’m talking about – This isn’t even a big enough sale to get me excited.  The other day, I got a pair of shorts from Gap for $1.95. You read that correctly.  One dollar, and ninety-five cents. Dan almost stroked out when I handed over my debit card. He insisted I pay with cash for something so, ahem, cheap. His word, not mine.


One thought on “What I Found While Walking Around…

  1. Hillarious!!! I just went to the mall yesterday and I too was doing a bit of clearance shopping. My motto is “If it isn’t on sale, I don’t want it!”. Half way through my shopping my fiance called me and all I could talk about was the deals I found. I can relate to your love for clearance stuff.


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