Maui and a Mango Chicken Salad…

…The two really have nothing to do with each other.  In about a month(or sooner!), Dan, Lilly, and I will be leaving on a jet plane, across the Pacific, and into the much-missed-arms of a loving family who resides in my home away from home.  I’m sure EVERYTHING has changed since I moved back to good ol’ AZ, but I can not wait to get home. They say Home Is Where The Heart Is, and my heart never came back with me.  I’ve been home sick since I stepped foot on that last airplane – since I watched the lights that were flickering on that pitch black island disappear as I ascended into the night sky those two and half years ago. I am beyond excited, and can not wait to hug Sue, Molly, Dave, and Justin. 

I recently discovered a delicious salad.  Obviously caesar dressing is like, the most fattening kind out there, but this salad has a very light coating of a very light version.  It’s a surprisingly healthy take on the always yummy caesar salad.  It’s a Mango Chicken Caesar.


  I adore mango, and will eat it on/in just about anything.  Literally.  Also, the chicken on this salad is marinated and grilled in the most delicious type of seasoning.  The recipe is a secret, so I can’t really indulge. I had a refreshing ice-cold tea to go right along with it.  Perfect for our warm Arizona days!




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