Salmon BLT

There are a few foods/flavors that I have adored my entire life.  Some

examples of these would be: oil&vinegar, lemon, salt&pepper, and salmon.  Recently I’ve acquired a liking of tomatoes, which makes this next recipe perfect. 

On the ground floor of my building sits Maizie’s Bistro.  We eat there pretty much all the time because its super convienent.  We don’t even have to go through the front door, we just sneak in through the patio and everybody there knows us.  Lilly has been going there since she was a newborn. Well, before that actually, but you get the point.  Recently they updated their menu.  Thank God, that thing was so outdated.  By outdated, I mean I’d already tried everything on it more than once.  Boring.  My new favorite is a healthy option, Salmon BLT.  I know you guys are probably like, um Blair, here you are with your own blog, blabbing about being healthy and all and your eating BACON?!?!  What the hell?  In my defense, in exchange for the bacon, I sans the ciabatta and opt for lettuce wrap.  It’s a carb free meal.  I’ve lost weight before going carb free, and on that prior diet, I snacked on cheese AND bacon…at the same time.  So although it may not the greatest for your cholesterol, it can help in the weight loss category if you eat it in small portions, and substitute carbs out of your meal. 

Picture this; a huge chunk of salmon, a thick slice of ruby-red tomato, one strip of perfectly crunchy bacon – broken in half(so it’s almost like you have two strips), all of this drizzled in a lemon-pepper aioli, and wrapped in a healthy leaf of romaine lettuce.  It seriously does not get more delicious than this.  It’s my absolute favorite meal in the entire world. 

Another delicious option for Salmon is the following:

Salmon glazed in a low-fat teriyaki sauce with a side of Sunomono Salad.

If you aren’t familiar with Sunomono Salad, you should get to know it.  It’s amazing and incredibly easy to make.  Also, if you love vinegar as much as I do, you will die for this. It has a cool and refreshing taste, and goes great with any kind of asian flare, whether it be a stir fry, chicken, noodles, rice, or seafood.  Here is my favorite way to make it:

Order it from Kyoto Bowl. 


  • 1 large English cucumber, or 2 to 3 Japanese cucumbers
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 drop soy sauce


Peel and slice cucumbers into very thin slices. Sprinkle sliced cucumber slices with salt and let stand a few minutes. Squeeze out excess moisture. Combine vinegar, sugar, and soy in a bowl and mix well. Pour the vinegar mixture over the cucumber slices and mix well. Serve in individual dishes.



*The above recipe for Sunomono Salad is courtesy of Bobby Flay&The Food Network Channel.


5 thoughts on “Salmon BLT

  1. this is such a great recipe. my boyfriend’s grandmother introduced me two summers ago, and I have been addicted ever since. have you tried it with pickling cukes when they’re in season? you will die, then come back to life so you can have another bite.

  2. The Salmon BLT sounds amazing!!!! I’ve got a miso salmon recipe that I’ve been wanting to try with a miso sesame cucumber salad. I’ll have to get you the recipes for both. I usually prefer white fish, but salmon is tasty too and sooo incredibly good for you. I’m going to have tp give it a try. You’re rocking your diet! Kudos! :)


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