I posted about this on Friday.  Couch to 5k.  Although I’m not officially starting to train for my triathlon until Monday, I wanted to get a feel for what I was getting myself into.
Blaine joined me in the gym and we went prepared with a print out of our instructions, water, and tunes.  Adele in particular.  There is something about running and working out that makes you feel like you’re suddenly a superstar, ya?

Oh – funny story…

So the radio in the gym is this old beat up boom box looking thing, and it always, and I mean always, sits atop the water cooler.  Tonight I walked over to said water cooler, but no radio!  There was a party going on in the residents center which is next door to the gym so we thought perhaps the people in the party borrowed it.  I called the lobby of our building and said, “Do you know where the radio in the gym is?”  The front desk man said “It’s not in there? Oh I see it, look in the chair on the other side of the room behind the weight machine.”

Whaaat? Can you say SECURITY CAMERA? More importantly can you say security camera that WE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT?!

Blaine and I have done some pretty embarrassing “exercises” in that gym.  I mean when we started going to the gym we had NO clue what to do, and made up random work outs as we went a long.  Sometimes we still do silly work outs.  Anything that makes us laugh, and it usually just starts out by us trying to attempt a legitimate work out that we can come nowhere near completing accurately.

I digress.

The C25K is a 9 week program dedicated to working you up to running a 5k in well, 9 weeks.  Duh.

Each week has a specific routine that you are to follow 3 times per week.

It’s a 30 minute excercise that I will educate you all about on Monday.  Let’s just say we got to 11 minutes tonight.  Then we died.  Or at least it was a close call.  Whoever said a couch potato would be able to just print that puppy out and get to it, might have had “high hopes”.  Annnd, now that Blaine and I have been working out for almost a month, I wouldn’t even consider us couch potatoes!! We still couldn’t do it!  But you know what, 11 minutes is almost half way.  That is a pretty great start.  Plus I’m not working out again until Monday.  I’m confident that the two-day rest will make me stronger.

Have any of you tried C25K?  Here’s to hoping!  Happy New Year everyone!!


4 thoughts on “C25K

  1. I’ve never tried that program, but I have been running off and on since age 15. I remember not being able to run 5 blocks at first! I really picked up running again after my second child and it helped me shed the baby weight and get some pretty amazing legs ;) Running isn’t for everyone but it is my very favorite workout!

  2. perilousvoyageofme says:

    I used C25K last year to get in shape for my first ever 5k. It’s awesome, and it will definitely kick your butt. However, it gets easier as you begin to get in better shape. I’m using it again this year since I’m jumping back on the running wagon. Good luck with it!

  3. Hey my friend, C25k is an amazing and rewarding process. Before I had my ‘slip0’ I had just started week 5. I follow the C25K at activetrainer.com, it is a pretty good tracking website, but also dailymile.com has some good tools. Good luck and rememebr it is OK to do a week over, or start or stop or whatever you need. This is awesome you are doing this.

    • I agree, I think it’s a great program!!! I’m so excited I found it. I’m stoked to start it in full on Monday. We all have slip ups, get back to it :)


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