¡Sí se puede!

I saw a billboard this morning before work that said ¡Sí se puede! 

For those of you who don’t know spanish, it means “Yes we can!”

I only know a little bit of Spanish, so not entirely useful since most of our billboards are indeed not in English.  I don’t know what the rest of this billboard was referring to, but I picked out the important message.  Yes we can.  Yes we can.  Yes we can. 

Since I’ve started writing about my desire to complete a sprint distance triathlon, I’ve noticed that I am absolutely not alone.  I love that there are so many of us out there that are working so hard to get healthy and accomplish our goals.  We can do it.  We are certainly each others accountability partners, and I love it.

What are your best training techniques? 

Like I said before, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the best ways to start training for triathlons and I’ve come across some interesting things.  Here are some things I’ve learned, which hopefully will help you if you are a complete novice like me, and also here are somethings I suggest for reading material:

c25k – I have been seeing this EVERYWHERE, and I had no idea what the hell it meant.  Couch-to-5k.  This is an amazing website and tool.  It’s a program designed to get you off the couch, and running a 5k in just 9 weeks. I highly suggest checking out www.c25k.com

Slow Fat Triathlete – This book is on my wish list.  I’m going to make it mine very soon.  It’s written by a woman who “after years of obesity, poor health, and self-doubt, took part in her first triathlon in 2002 to prove something to herself and became hooked on the rush of the race. Today she is a self-proclaimed ‘slow fat triathlete,’ unafraid to overcome humiliation, laugh at her foibles, have fun, and accomplish impressive goals.”

www.canyoustayfordinner.com – Beautifully written blog by a woman named Andie.  She embodies inspiration.  I recommend you read her blog for recipes, motivation, and if you just need to smile.  She is bright, cheery, and 135 lbs lighter :)



6 thoughts on “¡Sí se puede!

  1. I’m feeling like today “¡Sí se puede!”. Thanks for the motivation. I needed to get moving already. Today I’m saying “Move over cold, sneezing, runny nose, cough, and headache…it’s time to workout again.”


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