I Want A Hair Stylist!!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about the best training schedules and methods to prepare for my first triathlon.  Most people have their own opinions on the best ways to accomplish this type of goal, but they all have one thing in common.  That is: make time.  Whether you have already been working out regularly, or haven’t seen a gym in decades, make it a priority.  In the words of Sally Edwards, Ironman competitor…

“Set aside a certain time of day,

3-6 days per week, and call that an appointment.

An appointment with your workout.

It is just as important as an appointment

with your banker, doctor or hair stylist”.

I love the ideology behind this statement.  I just wish I had time to make appointments with my banker, doctor and hair stylist as it is.  Oh my god, who am I kidding, I don’t even have a hair stylist, nor do I remember the last time I even had a trim. My point is, I still need to do a lot more research in my own personal life.  How is a mom, who works full-time, with a husband who also works full-time, expected to treat working out with the same importance as going to the bank, doctor, or a hair appointment.  I purposely avoid the bank unless they have a drive-thru, because really, who in their right mind wants to take an 18 month old into a quiet bank?  Going to the doctor typically requires me taking time off work because I’m sick, or because it’s one of Lilly’s check ups and I am usually scheduled to work during the normal doctor office hours.  And treating it like an appointment with my hair stylist?!  Once again people, come on!  What hair stylist??? It’s kind of eye opening to think that if I can’t even find time to fit in a quick hair cut, how the eff am I supposed to fit an “appointment” like that in, 3-6 times weekly?  Scary…

Having the fitness facility here in my building has been ultra convenient, as I’ve been able to go at night after work, because Dan is home and able to stay up here with Lilly.  However now that I’m about to seriously amp up this whole work out thing, I’m going to need a lot more flexibility, and more options and times to work out, besides just at midnight.  I think I’ll look into a large chain type gym.  You know, like a LA Fitness or something.  Most of them have indoor pools, as well as bikes, and treadmills obviously.  I think some are also equip with day care centers.  I’ve never sent Lilly to a day care of any kind, but I think she’s about to get her first dose of one real soon!

Have any of you attempted a triathlon? What worked best for you, training-wise? Are you a busy mom like me, trying to figure out how the hell to make it happen?  Let me know!  Talk amongst yourselves ;)


6 thoughts on “I Want A Hair Stylist!!

  1. Does homeschooling 4 kids count as being a “busy mom”? :lol:

    My answer was a treadmill. Early on, I learned there was no way I was going to be able to carve out time to get to the gym; not to mention the $$ end of it. The TM made sense- what a great investment! It gave me the opportunity to run during naps; run early in the morning or later in the evening; whenever I could fit time in.

    I have my own thoughts on socialization (on the homeschooling part of my blog, if you are interested)- bottom line- REAL socialization happens with people of ages- I think you and your dh and other family members totally count. :lol:

    The one thing in my day that is NOT negotiable, barring illness or catastrophe, is my run time. This is one of the first things I do in the morning (of a normal week) and yes, I DO schedule things around my run. That means save a single day during the week, I don’t plan on doing anything outside the house in the mornings.

    I have no doubt that once you get into it, you will start to see how much you need that time, and it will gradually shift to become a habit in addition to a priority….

  2. My gym (24 Hour Fitness) offers daycare at really reasonable rates, so finding a gym with a daycare sounds like the best option for you. Plus, it’s a short amount of time (compared to real daycare), so it will be a good way for Lilly to start socializing. One step at a time for both of you.

    • Yes exactly! It’s been nice that my husband and I work alternating days, so we have been able to avoid day care completely with our schedules, and a little help from family. I do think though that I’d be able to go the gym much more often without worrying about somebody coming to the house to babysit. Also of course, the socializing aspect for Lilly will be great. I’m looking into an L.A. Fitness, it’s similar to 24 Hour Fitness, mega gym, etc. Some of my friends are concerned with the “mega gym” thing, and that they have deceptive billing practices. Have you had any problems with 24 Hr? We have those here so I might check them out as well!


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