I’m lacking it. My family and I met up with our good friends to walk around the Phoenix Zoo tonight for the annual ZooLights event.  It was amazing, freezing, and an all around good time.  The kids loved it, and I spent the whole time pissed that I forgot my camera.  Sure I had my cell phone, but that thing is practically prehistoric so the pictures are just completely disastrous.  Oh well.  I figure we walked at least over a mile around the Zoo, but now that I’m home I just can’t work up the motivation to go to the gym.

I put my workout clothes on, even my tennis shoes.  Then I sat on the couch and moped. Blaine has plans tonight, and Dan is to sleepy to come with me.  Then the shoes came off, and then I laid down.

I need to go so badly.  I haven’t been since Friday night.  I miss it, but right now going alone is just not something I’m up for.  I’m hoping in the morning I will be more pumped.  Actually, regardless of how I feel in the morning, I WILL GO!

I’m feeling bad about how lazy I’ve been since Saturday.  It’s a feeling that I know a good workout will wash away.

Do you guys ever feel this way?  Do you know you need to do something, but just can’t muster up the motivation to get it done?  What kinds of set backs have you experienced? What did you do to regain your motivation?


12 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Thanks for following my site!

    I have read some of the stories you wrote and getting back into shape and staying that way is a long journey but it has its rewards. Like the day I went to the doctor and he asked me, “What do you do?” I did not understand his question and asked him to repeat it and he asked the same question again. Then he said, “You have the lowest heart rate I have seen in a long time and your numbers are par with a marathon runner.” I had to smile. I work out, surf, run, and I have never smoked. It pays off when you get comments like that and you have never trained for a race or ran a race in your life.

    If you need motivation, visit The man is great! Go to the motivation section or read the stories he posts on there about some of the athletes’ life stories. Truely inspirational.

    Oh yeah! I am from Hawaii too! Ewa Beach on Oahu.

    For you and your husband…keep it up and thanks once again for following my site!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Always, the hardest part is getting started, getting going. For me, it’s about writing those first few words that might end up on my latest blog posting.

  3. I got sick for a week or so and didn’t run because, well, I didn’t want to cough up a lung.

    It was harder than I expected to get back into it. It was just so easy to keep putting it off, keep taking the day off from running… but eventually I mustered up the determination to take a short 2 mile run… and despite wanting to take the following day off, I forced myself to take another the day after. And so on, until it started to feel odd to take consecutive days off again.

  4. One foot in front of the other, literally. On the days you feel junky, mess with your head and give yourself permission to just do a little- for me, it’s 5 miles. I know I can do without a problem; anything else is gravy. Chances are- once you do your minimum (even if it’s just 10 or 15 minutes), you can talk yourself into doing a little more. And then maybe a little more. The head games work pretty well for me!

    And hey- even if you stop after that first 10 minutes, something is better than nothing. For me, I figure once I’m doing it, I might as well get hotter and sweatier since I’m already geared up…..

    One foot in front of the other……

  5. Hi, thanks for following my blog, the twentyfive list. I’m training for a marathon at the moment and am struggling with motivation too. I find if I go for a run in the morning I’m more likely to do it – if I go in the evening I’ve got all day to think up excuses for not going! Just remember that however much you don’t want to do it you will feel good afterwards.

    Oh and I find having a goal to work to is the best motivation for me – knowing I have to run 26 miles in only 16 weeks is a massive motivation to get off my butt and get out in the morning! Also I listen to audiobooks when I go for a walk/run, it helps me switch off and I concentrate on that instead of how awful my body is feeling and also I look forward to hearing the next part of the story. Give it a try and good luck!

  6. I hear ya! That is one of my biggest weaknesses is Motivation!! Having a friend to go with you to work out is really motivating because when you don’t it is really hard to get your bumm off the couch. Be strong Blair and show the world it’s possible!!

    • haha thanks Adil! You’re right, having somebody go with you is the biggest boost!! I just hate going alone. However, me+gym+tomorrowmorning=goingtohappen!!

    • Thanks Sara! Such a crappy feeling when you get in a rut! I hate the feeling of knowing I need to go, but just not wanting to. Bleh. I’m going in the morning fo sho!!


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