Stir Fry

It’s quite apparent that I am no food blogger or chef.  I’ve always envied the photos that such bloggers are able to capture of their culinary creations.  I thought I’d try my hand tonight.  My husband and I perused the produce section this evening, and although I don’t particularly like Asian food, I do love stir fry.  I’m quite fond of almost every type of vegetable, which I guess is convenient since veggies are a large part of a healthy diet. I went down the sauce aisle and grabbed a bottle of “Stir Fry Sauce” – real original, I know.  Then I grabbed:

1 Eggplant

1 Yellow Squash

1 Green Squash

2 large handfuls of fresh Green Beans

1 carton of sliced Mushrooms

1 Ginger Root

3 Stalks of Broccoli

3 Chicken Breasts

I intended on taking pictures of the veggies, before, and during the chopping process, but I forgot.  Because I’m not a food blogger.  Or a chef.  Or a real photographer.  Sorry.

So instead I took a lot of pictures in the cooking process.

I loved the sauce.  And the above photo quite well proves my lack of photography skills.  Again, sorry.

So. Delicious.

And Healthy.



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